Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Quintus Leroy Gilbert
Born: 27 SEP 1894 in Catawba Co, NC
Died: 25 NOV 1966 in Catawba Co, NC
Father: David S Gilbert
Mother: Emma E Flowers
Wife: Josie Alma Drum
Additional Information

Quintus Leroy Gilbert:


!CENSUS:1900 Catawba Co., NC
Township Hickory Town and West Hickory Town
Page / House / Family Number 115 / 27 / 28
Name Rel R S Birth Age Ms Ch Occupation Birth Places
David S. Gilbert Head W M Jun 1873 27 M 8 Carpenter NC-NC-NC
Emma E. Wife W F Apr 1866 34 M 8 4-4 NC-NC-NC
Mamie G. Dau W F Apr 1893 7 S NC-NC-NC
Quintas L. Son W M Sep 1894 5 S NC-NC-NC
Minnie B. Dau W F Dec 1896 3 S NC-NC-NC
Clarence D. Son W M Jun 1899 11/12 S NC-NC-NC
John L. Flowers Br-law W M Un 1877 23 S Carpenter NC-NC-NC
Henry W. Br-law W M Aug 1878 21 S Carpenter NC-NC-NC
Mamie P. Ritzell Servant W F Jun 1883 17 S Servant NC-NC-NC

!CENSUS:1910 Catawba Co., NC
Township Hickory
Page / House / Family Number 132 / 262 / 276
Name Rel R S Age Ms Ch Occupation Birth Places
David Gilbert Hd W M 39 M1 18 Engineer - Hosiery Mill NC-NC-NC
Emma Wf W F 44 M1 18 6-6 NC-NC-NC
Mamie D W F 17 S Topper - Hosiery Mill NC-NC-NC
Quintus S W M 14 S Dyer - Hosiery Mill NC-NC-NC
Minnie D W F 13 S NC-NC-NC
Clarence S W M 10 S NC-NC-NC
Clyde S W M 8 S NC-NC-NC
Etta D W F 6 S NC-NC-NC

!CENSUS:1920 Catawba Co. NC
Township Hickory
Page / House / Family Number 84 / 411 / 414
Name Rel S R Age Ms Birth Places Occupation Industry
David Gilbert Hd M W 45 M NC-NC-NC Teamster
Lula Wf F W 38 M NC-NC-NC None
[illegible] S M W 28 ? NC-NC-NC None
Clyde S M W 23 S NC-NC-NC None
Allice D F W 17 S NC-NC-NC None
Velma D F W 15 S NC-NC-NC None
Boyd S M W 10 S NC-NC-NC None
Ida D F W 3 S NC-NC-NC None
Charlotte D F W 2 S NC-NC-NC None

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