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Husband: John Graham
Born: about 1796 in Lincoln Co, NC
Married: in Lincoln Co, NC
Died: 27 NOV 1838 in Lincoln Co, NC
Father: Arthur Graham
Mother: Elizabeth Beatty
Wife: Mary
Born: 31 AUG 1792
Died: 09 FEB 1853 in Lincoln Co, NC
Additional Information

John Graham:


!NOTE:I bet this is the same John Graham who married Mary "Polly" Carruth. He died 27 Nov 1830 aged 42, buried Cleveland Co, NC in Graham Cem. Wife Mary 31 Aug 1792 - 9 Feb 1853. They had an apparent son Arthur B. Graham, so this does look like a match;

!NAMED:"N.C. Revolutionary Soldiers, Sailors, Patriots ... Vol II"
pg 72 Arthur GRAHAM, Revolutionary Soldier, Pvt, NC 1760-1805
Lincoln Co, NC, wife Elizabeth BEATTY, children: John, William & Lewis;


!NAMED:28 Apr 1798 Lincoln Co, NC, Will of Archibald GRAHAM. as "son
Arthur and his son John";


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