Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: 2Lt Benjamin Franklin Chastain
Born: 09 JUL 1828 in GA
Married: 1850/1854 in Union Co, GA
Died: 29 SEP 1917 in Callahan, Siskiyou Co, CA
Father: John Bunyon Chastain
Mother: Elizabeth Hudgins
Wife: Amanda Demerris Patterson
Born: 22 FEB 1837 in Union Co, GA
Died: 17 MAY 1925 in San Francisco, San Francisco Co, CA
Father: Cpt Samuel Patterson
Mother: Jane Moore
01 (F): Elizabeth J Chastain
Born: 21 SEP 1854 in Union Co, GA
Died: after 1860 in Union Co, GA
Spouses: Benjamin Spencer; Thomas Jefferson Arrington
02 (F): Mary M C Chastain
Born: 1856/07 in Union Co, GA
Died: 20 JAN 1911
Spouses: Deal McCoy; Cyrus Land
03 (M): Samuel Patterson Chastain
Born: 1858/09 in Union Co, GA
Died: after 1860 in Union Co, GA
Spouses: Annie Bicknel
04 (F): Amanda Eveline Chastain
Born: 1861 in Union Co, GA
Died: 1954 in OR
Spouses: Patrick Cuddy; Victor Van Briesen
05 (M): Julius Lee Chastain
Born: 30 AUG 1863 in Union Co, GA
Died: 19 NOV 1894 in CA
Spouses: Martha Decker
06 (M): Jeremiah Seymour Chastain
Born: 1867 in Union Co, GA
Died: about 1924 in CA
Spouses: Elizabeth Young
07 (M): William Jason Chastain
Born: 11 NOV 1869 in Union Co, GA
Died: 12 MAR 1956 in CA
Spouses: Charlotte Decker
08 (M): Henry Johnson Chastain
Born: 07 MAY 1874 in Laveta, Huerfano Co, CO
Died: 06 SEP 1963 in CA
Spouses: Lilly Lorenson
09 (M): James Hudgins Chastain
Born: 22 NOV 1875 in Laveta, Huerfano Co, CO
Died: 16 AUG 1954 in CA
Spouses: Mary Louise Edwards
10 (M): Frank Stoddard Chastain
Born: 31 JUL 1880 in Laveta, Huerfano Co, CO
Died: 03 JUN 1964 in Siskiyou Co, CA
Additional Information

2Lt Benjamin Franklin Chastain:


!CENSUS:1860 Union Co, GA # 468 Ben CHASTAIN, 30 (1829/30) born "Unknown";

!CIVIL WAR:31 Aug 1861 Union Co, GA Company K, 23rd Regiment, Army of Tennessee, (C.S.A.) Benjamin F. CHASTAIN, 2nd Lt. On furlough in GA Feb 17, 1862 Resigned Jul 23, 1862;





!NOTE:Shared by Evelyn Tharp 2000:
Marty did I ever send this to you ? There is a title page and 2 pictures to
go with it if I didn't let me know and I will send them


Benjamin Franklin Chastain, son of John Bunyan Chastain and Elizabeth
Hudgins, was born 9 July 1828 at Blairsville, Union County, Georgia. He
married Amanda DeMerris Patterson about 1853 in Union County, Georgia. She
was the daughter of Samuel Patterson and Jane Moore, neighbors of theirs.
Amanda was born 22 February 1837 in Union County, Georgia. Benjamin Franklin
was a 2nd Lieutenant in Co. K, 23rd Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry,
Confederate Army in the Civil War. His son James stated that Benjamin
Franklin had fought in the second Battle of Bull Run, Norfolk, Bloody Run and
Gettysburg. He was wounded at the Rock Wall during Pickett's charge at
Gettysburg, taken prisoner, held at Fortress Monroe, released on his own
parole and returned home to Georgia. In 1870 Benjamin and Amanda and their
seven children traveled to Colorado with the Georgia Colony. They had
received food, animals, and a wagon with which to make the trip from the
"Masons" in Atlanta, Georgia. Benjamin was a member of that fraternal lodge.

They lived in Colorado in Huerfano and Costilla counties for twelve years,
where Benjamin and his sons farmed and mined for gold. While they lived in La
Veta three more sons were born to them. Their children were: Elizabeth W.
born in 1854 in Georgia, married Benjamin Spencer in La Veta (2) Thomas
Jefferson Arrington; Mary Adeline born in 1857 in Georgia, married deal McCoy
in La Veta in 1872 or 1873 (2) Cyrus Land); Samuel Patterson Chastain born in
1859 in Georgia, married Annie Bicknel in La Veta, Colorado in 1884; Amanda
Eveline (Eva) born in 1861 in Georgia, married Patrick Cuddy in La Veta in
1879, (2) Victor Van Briesen; Julius Lee born in 1863 in Georgia, married Martha
Decker; Jeremiah Se ur born in 1869 in Georgia, married Elizabeth Young;
William Jason born 1869 in Georgia, married Charlotte Decker; Henry Johnson
born 1874 in La Veta, married Lily Lorenson 1908; James Hudgins born in 1875
in La Veta, married Mary Louise Edwards; Frank Stoddard born in 1880 in La

My father, James Hudgins Chastain, in 1882 with his parents and some of his
brothers and sisters came across the western plains in a covered wagon. They
were three months on the road, from La Veta, Colorado to ,just north of
Auburn, California, where they eventually bought a ranch and built a house.
His father and older brothers mined, cut wood and hauled it to town. They
hunted and sold their game in town. They also raised cattle. In 1898 James
and his parents and some of the other children went on to northern
California. To Siskiyou County where he worked on ranches and learned the
blacksmith trade. In 1903 he married Mary Louise Edwards and they had three
children: Harold Everett born 1904 in Gazelle, California; Dorothea Genevieve
born 1913 in Oakland, California and Jennie May born 1918 in San Francisco,

By Donothea Bannez
7550 Hazelnut Lane,
Sacramento, California 95828

Amanda Demerris Patterson:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's 3rd Great Grand Aunt;

!CENSUS:1840 Union Co., GA p. 3
Samuel Patterson age 30-39 (1800/10)
My Analysis (who each person *might* be):
1m 30-39 (1800/1810) Samuel Patterson (1805)
1m 5-9 (1830/1835).. Carroll Moore Patterson (1832) son
1m 0-4 (1835/1840).. Joseph Decatur Patterson (1834) son
1f 60-69 (1770/1780) Elizabeth (---) Patterson (1770/74) mother?
1f 20-29 (1810/1820) Jane Moore Patterson (c1814) wife
1f 0-4 (1835/1840).. Amanda Demerris Patterson (1837) dau
* Neighbors are John C. Galaway and Porter Owenby
* William Patterson, Amos Patterson, George Patterson and John Patterson all on same page, but not listed nearby;

!CENSUS:1850 Union Co, GA # 187/187
Samuel Patterson, 44 Farmer, $1800 NC
Jane (age illeg), TN
Carroll 17 NC
Decator 15 NC
Amanda 13 GA
Julius 11
Mercilla 9
Nathan 6
Sarah 4
Julian 2 female
Samuel 6/12;

!CENSUS:1860 Union Co, GA # 468 Amanda CHASTAIN, 22 (1837/38) born GA;

CENSUS:1870 * Huerfano;

CENSUS:1880 * Costilla Co., CO;

CENSUS:1900 * Placer Co., CA;

CENSUS:1910 * Siskiyou Co., CA;

CENSUS:1920 * Siskiyou Co., CA;

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