Marty and Karla Grant

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Husband: Absalom Grant
Born: 1755/1765 in Northampton Co, NC
Married: 03 MAR 1790 in Northampton Co, NC
Died: 1810/1820 in Northampton Co, NC
Father: James Grant
Mother: Esther
Wife: Elizabeth Rutland
Born: 1765/1774
Died: in Northampton Co, NC
Father: William Rutland
Mother: Sarah
Additional Information

Absalom Grant:


!NAMED:18 Nov 1766 Northampton Co, NC Wills 1-147 James GRANT Proven Feb 1767. Wife Esther, to son Jesse GRANT (Hall's Pocosin Land), to wife and 3 sons: William GRANT, Absalom GRANT & Jesse GRANT. My brother John GRANT use of Bear Swamp land. Exec: William WINBORNE and my wife Esther. Witness: James WINBORNE, John GRANT;

!CENSUS:1790 Northampton Co, NC pg 73 Absalom GRANT age 16+ (bef 1774) "1-0-1-0-0";

!CENSUS:1800 Northampton Co, NC pg 443 Absalom GRANT age 26-44 (1755/84) "00010-00010-0-3";

!CENSUS:1810 Northampton Co, NC pg 725 Absalom Grant age 45+ (bef 1765);




Elizabeth Rutland:


!CENSUS:1787 Northampton Co, NC pg 106 w/William GRANT no ages (bef 1787);

!CENSUS:1790 Northampton Co, NC pg 73 w/William GRANT no ages (bef 1790);

!NAMED: 3 Sep 1790 Northampton Co, NC Wills 2-71 William RUTLAND proven Mar 1795. Wife Sarah, son Lemuel, Miles daughters Mary my 5 youngest children: Sarah, Miles, Lemuel, Rebecca and Mahala RUTLAND son Abednego, James, Shadrick, Meshack, William & Randolph. Daughter Elizabeth GRANT. Exec: Son James and William GRANT. Witness: Wilson RUTLAND, Lawrence DAUGHTREY, Joseph HORNE;

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