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Husband: Samuel Patterson
Born: about 1738 in PA
Married: 03 DEC 1763 in Lancaster Co, PA
Died: about 1815 in Wilson Co, TN
Father: Samuel Patterson
Mother: Rebecca
Wife: Martha Ramsey
Additional Information

Samuel Patterson:


!NAMED-WILL:11/12/1775 proved 6/16/1777 Samuel Patterson, Sadsbury Twp, exec wife Rebecca and Samuel Patterson, children Matthew, Samuel, William, John, Janet wife of Archibald Tweed, Sarah wife of ?, grandchildren Samuel son of Sarah (last name not given);

!NOTE:Shared by Sara <>
Samuel the son (born probably 1738 in Pennsylvania, and died maybe in
Wilson Co., Tennessee, June, 1815) married Martha Ramsey, December 3,
1763, in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. I believe John P., our
ancestor, was the son of Samuel and Martha Ramsey. Samuel moved to
Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, about 1780, and purchased land
there. He married at least twice more. The second marriage was to
Agnes (no last name) and then to Julianna Wallace. Samuel moved from
North Carolina, to Bedford or Marshall County, Tn, about 1792, to
occupy 2400 acres of land there that he had purchased seven years
before, in 1784. In 1798, he appears to have moved to Davidson County,
Tn., buying 320 acres of land. (This area eventually became part of
Sumner County and still later part of Wilson County) In 1798, Samuel
sold 800 acres of the 2400 acres. In 1804, he purchased 1000 acres of
land in Wilson County, Tn, which was Sumner County at that time on
Roundlick Creek. I could find no reference to Revolutionary War
service for either Samuel. Samuel (the son) did serve in the War Of

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