Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Andrew Bryson
Born: 1752 in Lancaster Co, PA
Married: 1796/1798 in Pendleton Dist, SC or Iredell Co, NC
Died: 05 MAY 1835 in Haywood Co, NC (now Jackson Co, NC)
Father: William Bryson
Mother: Isabella Holmes
Spouses: Agness Naill; Sally


Wife: ?
Died: 1811/1817 in Haywood Co, NC (now Jackson Co, NC)
01 (F): Isabella Bryson
Born: 23 MAY 1799 in Iredell Co, NC
Died: 1870/1880 in Haywood Co, NC
Spouses: John Mann
02 (M): Andrew Bryson
Born: 25 JAN 1804 in Buncombe Co, NC (now Jackson Co, NC)
Died: 04 OCT 1828 in Haywood Co, NC (now Jackson Co, NC)
Spouses: Lucinda
03 (F): Nancy Bryson
Born: 09 FEB 1811 in Haywood Co, NC (now Jackson Co, NC)
Died: 11 JUL 1877 in Jackson Co, NC
Spouses: William Hooper
Additional Information

Andrew Bryson:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's 6th Great Grand Parent.;

!MARRIAGE BOND:17 Dec 1783 Rowan Co., nC
Andrew Bryson
Agness Naill
James Naill, bm;

!CENSUS:1790 Pendleton Co, SC pg 82 Andrew BRYSON age 16+ (bef 1774) "1-0-3-0-0";

!CENSUS:1800 * Iredell Co, NC pg 654 Andrew BRISON age 45+ (bef 1755) "11211-32011" * May not be same Andrew;

(And a few other goodies)
Abstracted from the Records of the Cherokee Agency in Tennessee: Correspondence and Miscellaneous Records. National Archives Microcopy M-208, Rolls 1-7, 13.
Transcribed by Janelle Swearingen 1989
Page 3
[In January of 1804 a white man James Wood killed an Indian child and wounded his father near Pigeon in Buncombe County North Carolina. The Secretary of War instructed RJM to travel to that place to look into the matter and to offer a reward of $500 for the apprehension of Wood. after Feb 23, 1804]

From Andrew Bryson

Rec'd 25 Aug 1804

Sir I take the liberty of informing you that James Wood that is blaimed for wounding the yalow Bere and ciling his childe have been taken in South Carolina and been commited to Burk jail and his friends of the name of Welshes his bail him out and he is in the settlement that the murder was don in and the Welshes have tolde thier friends that lives on the frontteres if wood is changed or that for them to move in for the are under oath to kill sum of the Cherikkees sir the people is at a lose to now what to do in the meter if he is to be tried at the bond or ware. Sende riten ansers to William Cathes on Richland Creek this is the voise of the well wishers in generl to the Laws of our cuntry July the 25 day 1804 Andrew Bryson to Mr. J. Meggs at South West Point;

!PETITION:1806 for formation of Haywood County from western Buncombe ... Andrew BRISON ...;

!CENSUS:1810 * Not found in NC or SC, census lost for GA, and TN;

!COURT:25 Dec 1810 Haywood Co, NC pg 49 John FUNK? vs Jesse ANDERSON and John NELSON. Jury ... Andrew BRYSON ...;

!RESERVATION: 9 Aug 1817 Under Cherokee Treaty of 1817, Andrew BRYSON in right of his wife, requests Reservation "Near the Nar ford on Tuckaseedge";

!NAMED:1817 Reservation Roll - Andrew Bryson, Sally Bryson;

!CENSUS:1820 * Not found in NC, census lost for GA, and east TN;

!CENSUS:1830 * Not found in NC or SC or GA or TN;



!INDIAN:Either Full blooded, half or quarter Cherokee;

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