Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Maj Daniel H Bryson
Born: JUN 1756 in Lancaster Co, PA
Married: 05 MAY 1807 in Pendleton Dist, SC (now Anderson Co, SC)
Died: 26 MAR 1844 in Macon Co, NC
Father: William Bryson
Mother: Isabella Holmes
Spouses: Jane


Wife: Martha Morrow
Born: 1782 in Ninety-Six Dist, SC
Died: 26 SEP 1867 in Paulding Co, GA
Father: Morrow
Mother: Elizabeth
01 (M): Robert S Bryson
Born: 1809/10 in Pendleton Dist, SC (now Anderson Co, SC)
Died: after 1860 in Lawrence Co, AR
Spouses: Sarah Clayton
02 (F): Elizabeth Bryson
Born: 1809/10 in Buncombe Co, NC
Died: 06 AUG 1866 in Macon Co, NC
Spouses: Merrit Burgan Strain
03 (F): Sarah Bryson
Born: 1810/01 in Pendleton Dist, SC (now Anderson Co, SC)
Died: after 1880 in Bartow Co, GA
Spouses: John Owen Wishon
04 (M): Andrew Madison Bryson
Born: 10 MAY 1812 in Pendleton Dist, SC (now Anderson Co, SC)
Died: 30 NOV 1874 in Macon Co, NC
Spouses: Jane Caroline Peek
05 (M): Samuel Morrow Bryson
Born: 1812/03 in Pendleton Dist, SC (now Anderson Co, SC)
Died: 1880 in Obion Co, TN
Spouses: Nancy Arnold
Additional Information

Maj Daniel H Bryson:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's 6th Great Grand Uncle.;

!CENSUS:1790 Pendleton Dist., SC pg 82
Daniel BRISON age 16+ (bef 1774)

!WITNESS:31 Jul 1790 Pendleton Dist, SC CD-490 John CALDWELL Jr, planter, to John BRYSON, late of NC, o50, 150a Willsons Creek. Wit: Hugh BASKIN, Daniel BRYSON;

!WITNESS:31 Jul 1790 Pendleton Dist, SC CD-490 Abbeville, John McNEEL to John BRYSON of NC for L50, 300a. Wit: Henry LONG, Daniel BRYSON;

!DEED:12 Dec 1794 Pendleton Dist, SC CD-7 Daniel BRYSON of Pendleton to Thomas JONES of Abbeville for L20, 100a Wilsons Creek. Wit: George TILLMAN, Phillip PHAGANS, Lewis BOZEMAN;

!DEED: 5 Jan 1796 Pendleton Dist, SC CD-313 Daniel BRISON and Jenny BRYSON, his wife, to James BOLE for o50, 200a. S: Daniel Bryson, Jenny (X) Bryson. Wit: William McKAY, William McGEE, George STRINGER;

!WITNESS: 3 Nov 1796 Pendleton Dist, SC CD-303 I, Samuel BRYSON, for o45, paid by Samuel BARR, sell one negro fellow named Jack, 30 years old. Wit: Daniel BRYSON;

!CENSUS:1800 Pendleton Dist., SC pg 44
Daniel BRYSON age 26-44 (1755/74)

!DEED: 4 Feb 1804 Pendleton Dist, SC G-30 Daniel BRYSON to John BRYSON Sr, one negro boy about 16 years old named Tom. Wit: William ---, Jean BRYSON.;

!WITNESS:22 Nov 1804 Pendleton Dist, SC G-178 George CLARK to John BRYSON for $20, 100a Wilsons Creek, Savannah River, bordered by John BRYSON, William KEE, Thomas JONES, Phebe HARDIN, Wit: Daniel BRYSON, William BRYSON, Daniel BRYSON Jr;

!DEED:30 Aug 1805 Pendleton Dist, SC G-192 Daniel BRYSON frees negro Sally, committee assures her fitness to be free. S: Ch STARK, John MILFORD, Robert BAIRD, Thomas MILFORD, Andrew McALESTER, E. BROWN, Q.U.;

!DEED:no date. Rec 2 Sep 1806 Pendleton Dist, SC G-384 2 Sep 1806 Acquilla NIRON (NERRON) to Daniel BRYSON negro Ame about 18 or 19 years old and her child Fanny about 2 for $450. Wit: Isaac MITHCELL, William McKEE;

!CENSUS:1810 Pendleton Dist., SC pg 154
Daniel BRYSON age 45+ (bef 1765)

!CENSUS:1820 Pendleton Dist., SC pg 216
Daniel BRISON age 45+ (bef 1775)

!CENSUS:1830 Macon Co, NC pg 23 Daniel BRYSON age 70-79 (1750/1760) "0002100001-0000101";

!WITNESS:30 Sep 1833 (Reg) Macon Co, NC A-149 Mortgage George LEDFORD to Robert S. BRYSON, both of Macon, for $8.62, speckled cow and calf. Witness: Daniel BRYSON.;

!CENSUS:1840 Macon Co, NC pg 151
Daniel BRYSON Sr age 80-89 (1750/60)
Daniel BRYSON Sr, 84 (1755/56) Revolutionary Pensioner;

!WITNESS: 3 Apr 1841 Macon Co, NC D-1815 Andrew M. BRYSON Jr to John LAMB, both of Macon, for $230, on the river. Wit: Daniel BRYSON, Gray CROW.;

Martha Morrow:


!CENSUS:1810 Pendleton Dist, SC pg 154 w/Daniel BRYSON age 26-44 (1765/84);

!CENSUS:1820 Pendleton Dist, SC pg 216 w/Daniel BRISON age 26-44 (1775/94);

!CENSUS:1830 Macon Co, NC pg 23 w/Daniel BRYSON age 40-49 (1780/1790);

!CENSUS:1840 Macon Co, NC pg 151 w/Daniel BRYSON Sr age 50-59 (1780/90);

!CENSUS:1850 * Gordon Co, GA pg 41 # 426 Martha BRYSON, 70 (1779/80) born SC *;

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