Marty and Karla Grant

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Husband: John Bryson
Born: before 1744
Married: before 1765 in Rowan Co, NC
Died: OCT 1779 in Lincoln Co, NC
Father: Bryson
Mother: ?
Wife: Jane
Born: before 1755
Died: after 1810 in Lincoln Co, NC
01 (M): John Bryson
Born: 1770/1774 in Tryon Co, NC
Died: 1847 in Gaston Co, NC
Spouses: ?
02 (M): Hugh Bryson
Born: 1770/1774 in Tryon Co, NC
Additional Information

John Bryson:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's 7th Great Grand Uncle, assuming he is indeed a brother to my William Bryson, which is not proven.;

!NOTE:No direct proof that this John BRYSON is the brother of William BRYSON (Isabella Holmes), but does appear to be related somehow;

!NOTE:Many of the references below could actually refer to one of the other John BRYSON's;

!DEED:21 Mar 1765 Rowan Co, NC 6-221 William BRYSON and wife Izabel to John BRYSON for 441k8, 300a on Back Creek, purchased 3 Oct 1763 from Alexander OSBORN. S: William Bryson, Isabel (X) Bryson. Wit: George DAVISON, John CLARK;

!WITNESS:30 Aug 1767 Mecklenburg Co, NC Will William GRAHAM. Wit: John BRYSON, Michael McGERITY;

!WITNESS:18 Feb 1770 Lincoln (Tryon) Co, NC 1-411 Matthew PORTER and wife Mary of Tryon to James PORTER of same, for 20, 300a Turkey Creek adjoining David BYERS. Witness: David BYERS, John BRYSON;

!WITNESS:11 Oct 1770 Lincoln (Tryon) Co, NC Deed 1-294 Israel PATTERSON of Tryon to Andrew PATTERSON of same, for 5, Turkies Creek. Wit: William DAVIS, John BRYSON;

!DEED:21 Oct 1771 Lincoln (Tryon) Co, NC 1-498 Samuel DAVIDSON of Tryon to John BRYSON of same 20, both sides Turkey Creek, adjoining James BRYSON. Wit: Samuel ADAMS, David GORDON;

!DEED:11 Nov 1773 Iredell Co, NC A-529 John BRYSON of Craven Co, SC to James PORTER, 300a Back Cr;

!DEED:23 Apr 1774 Lincoln (Tryon) Co, NC 1-707 John GULLICK and wife Elizabeth of Tryon, to John BRYSON of same, for 70, 300a south side Little Catawba, adjoining David JOHN, Sam GINGLES. Wit: James PATTERSON, Alexander PATTERSON, William BERRY;

!WITNESS:30 May 1774 Lincoln (Tryon) Co, NC 2-64 John CARROL of Tryon to Alexander PATTERSON of same, south fork Catawba. Wit: James PATTERSON, William PATTERSON, John BRISON;

!DEED:15 Apr 1777 Lincoln (Tryon) Co, NC 2-312 John BRISON of Tryon to James HOLLAND of same for 65, 100a south side of Little Catawba, conveyed to Brison by deed 23 Apr 1774. S: John Brison. Wit: William BERRY, Jonathan GULLICK;

!DEATH:ca Oct 1779 Lincoln Co, NC when Letters of Administration granted to Jane BRYSON, relict of John BRYSON, decd;



!NOTE:John & Jane BRYSON's constant association with PATTERSON family may indicate that Jane is a PATTERSON;

!NAMED:Oct 1779 Lincoln Co, NC Estates. Letters of adm. to Jane, relict of Jno BRYSON, decd; Alex, Jas, and Wm PATTERSON, bond;

!CENSUS:1790 * Lincoln Co, NC pg 113 W. BRISON no ages (bef 1790) "1-1-3-0-0", * My theory here is that "W. BRISON" is for "Widow BRISON";

!CENSUS:1800 Lincoln Co, NC pg 830 Jane BRYSON age 45+ (bef 1755) "00020-10011";

!CENSUS:1810 * Lincoln Co, NC pg 335 w/John BRYSON age 45+ (bef 1765);

(02) Hugh Bryson:


!CENSUS:1790 * Lincoln Co, NC pg 113 w/W. BRISON age -16 (1774/90);

!CENSUS:1800 Lincoln Co, NC pg 830 w/Jane BRYSON age 26-44 (1755/74);

!CENSUS:1810 Lincoln Co, NC pg 335 Hugh BRYSON age 26-44 (1765/84) "20110-00110";


!CENSUS:1830 * York Dist, SC pg 355 Hugh BRISON age 50-59 (1770/80) "003002001-1100001";


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