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Husband: Congressman James H Bryson
Born: 1803/1804 in SC
Married: 29 FEB 1844 in Paulding Co, GA
Died: after 1880 in Boone Co, MO
Wife: Eliza Carnes
Born: 1822/1823 in GA
Died: after 1860 in Crawford Co, MO
Additional Information

Congressman James H Bryson:


!NOTE:Per Jason Lee Edwards, 01-05-2009:
I am the Historian of Paulding County Georgia and I have a Bryson that is driving me crazy. Paulding County was created in 1832 and in 1835 and 1836 they elected a James H. Bryson as representative in the state legislature. There was a state census for the county taken in 1837 and there is no Bryson listed.

!NOTE:He may be a son of Daniel H. Bryson and Martha Morrow, for Martha moved to Paulding in the early 1840's, and their son Robert moved there just before 1840. James could fit in their family if born ca 1814 or even earlier;





!MARRIAGE:29 Feb 1844 Paulding Co., GA James Bryson & Eliza Carnes (not certain this is same as James H. Bryson, though same name, same county);

!CENSUS:1850 * Crawford Co., MO;

!CENSUS:1860 * Crawford Co., MO;

!CENSUS:1870 x

!CENSUS:1880 * Boone Co., MO;

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