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Husband: Bowman
Married: 1870/1880 in Patrick Co, VA
Wife: Letha Norman
Born: 1852/1853 in Patrick Co, VA
Died: after 1880 in Patrick Co, VA
Father: John Hensley
Mother: Matilda Norman
Additional Information

Letha Norman:


!CENSUS:1860 Patrick Co, VA PHF 97&98-177-176 The South District Arrarat PO
John Hensly 48 M Farmer 600 500 Virginia
Judith 85 F "
Joyce Going 30 F "
Matilda Norman 24 F "
Letha 7 F "
William 4 M "
Mary 1 F Virginia

!CENSUS:1870 Patrick Co, VA PHF 478B-414-431 Dan River Township Ararat PO
John Hensly 58 M W Farmer 200 Va
Matilda Norman 37 F W House Keeper N.C.
Letha 17 F W Assi. " Va
William 13 M W Laborer "
Charity 7 F W "
John 6 M W "
Samuel 3 M W "
Kary 2 F W "

!CENSUS:1880 Patrick Co., VA PHF 16B-164-172 Dan River District
John Henseley W M 68 M Farmer VA-VA-VA
Matilda W F 45 Wife M Keeping House NC-NC-NC
William W M 24 Son S Laborer VA-VA-VA
Charity W F 17 Dau S Work in Farm VA-VA-VA
John W M 15 Son S Work in Farm VA-VA-VA
Samuel W M 13 Son S Work in Farm VA-VA-VA
Carey W F 10 Dau S Work in Farm VA-VA-VA
Martha W F 4 Dau S VA-VA-VA
Benjamin W M 2 Son S VA-VA-VA
Leatha Bowman W F 26 Dau M VA-VA-VA
Levi Fain W M 26 Boarder M Farmer VA-VA-VA
Martha W F 26 Boarder M No Occupation VA-VA-VA
Mary E. W F 11 Boarder S At School VA-VA-VA

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