Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Carroll Alonso Patterson
Born: 06 MAR 1876 in Swain Co, NC
Died: 09 FEB 1922 in Swain Co, NC
Father: Carroll Moore Patterson
Mother: Lavina Elizabeth Cathey
Spouses: Nora B Camby


Wife: Hattie Thermudas Grant
Born: 18 OCT 1879 in Swain Co, NC
Died: 25 MAY 1953 in Kennesaw, Cobb Co, GA
Father: John Patton Grant
Mother: Darthula Jane Evans
Spouses: Thomas Joshua Gilbert


01 (M): Marvin Roosevelt Grant
Born: 13 JAN 1902 in Nantahala Twp, Swain Co, NC
Died: 04 APR 1992 in Marietta, Cobb Co, GA
Spouses: Lilly Belle Gilbert


Additional Information

Carroll Alonso Patterson:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's 2nd Great Grandfather;


"A History of the Grant Family of Western North Carolina" (2 vol), by Marvin A. Grant, Jr.
Available at:

!NOTES:B/D -- Feb 1880 per 1880 census, which is probably accurate since info was given by parents (most likely). His D/C gives his age at death (9 Feb 1922) as 45y, 11m, 3d which calculates to 6 Mar 1876 which is way off from the 1880 census. However, it also exactly matches what he put on his World War II Draft Registration card. Therefore, that's two for 1876 only one for 1880. His tombtone has no dates at all;

!CENSUS:1880 Swain Co, NC Charleston # 3/3
C. M. Patterson, Farmer, NC-NC-NC
Lavina, 36 wife GA-GA-GA
Julius D. 17 son NC-NC-GA
Nancy A. 14 dau
William H. 12 son
Rebecca M. 9 dau
Julie L. 7 dau
Lavina M. 2 dau
Carrel A. 4/12 (Feb) son;

!CENSUS:1900 x
x Not found after numerous searches.;

!MARRIAGE:15 Jun 1907 Swain Co., NC
Lon Patterson, 25 of Swain
& Nora Cambey 19 of Swain
at Chris Cambey's;

!CENSUS:1910 Swain Co, NC Forneys Creek pg 230b # 422/428
John R. L. Cole, Head, 31 married once 8 years, NC-NC-NC, Merchant / Dry Goods
Margartt, wife 30, 3 children born 2 living
Ransom R. son 6
Oliver P. son, 3
John Smith, boarder 45 widowed
James E. Coward (or Connard), boarder, 47, single TN-TN-TN
James R. Teague, boarder, 37 single, NC-NC-NC
James L. Cooper, boarder 28
Alonzo Patterson, boarder, 32 widowed, NC-NC-NC. <---
* Is this him? The name is right, the age is very close. Being listed as widowed raises some questions, but his wife Nora was alive then, just not listed with him, or elsewhere in 1910 as far as could be found. Perhaps they were separated, or, more likely since he was a boarder in this home, whomever provided the information to the census taker was just wrong about it.;

!CENSUS:1920 Swain Co, NC Forney Creek pg 182B # 198/202 (marked out) 200/202
Alonzo PATTERSON, Head, M, W, 43, (1876/77), Marr, NC/NC/NC
Nora, Wife, F, W, 31 (1888/89), Marr, NC/NC/NC
Willie Belle, Dau, F, W, 11 (1908/09), Single, NC/NC/NC;

!DEATH: 9 Feb 1922 Swain Co, NC Death Records 6-1 Carroll Alonzo PATTERSON, 45y, 11m, F: Carroll PATTERSON, M: Lavenia CATHEY;

!DEATH: 9 Feb 1922 Swain Co, NC Death Certificate 87-2630 Carol Alonzo PATTERSON, died Feb 9, 1922 Bryson City, Swain Co, NC, Male, White, Married, aged 45 years, 11 months, 3 days, Occupation: Merchant, Born Swain Co, NC, Father: Carol PATTERSON, born NC, Mother: Lavina CATHEY, born NC. Cause of Death: Calea Cistntion & Mitsul Regnsgibation. Informant: W.H. PATTERSON. Burial: 10 Feb 1922 Sawyers Cemetery;

Hattie Thermudas Grant:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's 2nd Great Grandmother;


"A History of the Grant Family of Western North Carolina" (2 vol), by Marvin A. Grant, Jr.
Available at:

!NOTES:B/D & D/D from T/S which I've seen personally and have photo of. T/S shows B/Y as 1880, but it must be 1879 as per the 1880 census and 1900 census.;

!CENSUS:1880 Swain Co., NC Nantahala # 109/109
John P. Grant 34 M Cutting Wheat NC-NC-NC
Darthula J. 36 wife M Binding Wheat NC-SC-NC
Shuthelah J. 10 dau NC-NC-NC
Mary C. 8 dau
Ibby E. 6 dau
Alva L. 4 dau
Harkless L. 3 son
Hattie T. 7/12 Oct. dau;

!CENSUS:1900 Swain Co, NC Nantahala Twp # 112/113
John P. Grant, Head, Dec 1844, 55 M 30 NC-NC-NC, Farmer
Darthula J. wife Sep 1843, 56 M 30 9-9
Alva L. dau Aug 1874, 25
Arkless L. son May 1878 22, Farm Laborer
Hattie T. dau Oct 1879 20
Carson L. son Jun 1881 18, Farm Laborer
Gertie I. Dau Sep 1883 16
John P. son Oct 1886 13, Farm Laborer
Mattie V. Hutcvhens, G-Dau, Jul 1885 14

!CENSUS:1910 Union Co, GA Gum Log Twp # 51/51
John P. Grant, head, 65, M1 42 NC-NC-US
Darthula, wife 66 M1 42 8-8 NC-SC-NC
Alvie dau 26
Hattie dau 24
Major son 16
Essie g-dau 8
Inkabo g-dau 8
Marvin, g-son 8

!CENSUS:1920 Union Co., GA Ivy Log District # 35/35
Thomas Gilbert head 36 M GA-NC-GA Farmer
Hattie wife 37 M NC-NC-NC
Arvel son 3 0/12 GA-NC-NC
Ethel dau 1 3/12;

!CENSUS:1930 Cobb Co, GA Militia Dist # 898 # 484/519
Thomas J. GILBERT, Hd, 45 M 30 GA/GA/GA
Hattie, wf 48 NC/NC/NC
Orville, son 12 GA/GA/NC
Ethel, dau 11
Fannie, dau 10
Frank, son, 8

!CENSUS:1940 Cobb Co., GA Oregon Township # 5, Dallas Road
Thomas J. Gilbert head 54 M GA. 1935 Cobb GA. Farmer
Hattie wife 59 M NC
Ethel dau 20 GA Laborer - Farm
Fannie dau 17 Laborer - Farm
Frank son 16 Laborer - Farm;

!DEATH:25 May 1953 proven by Death Certificate # 13061. Died Cobb County, Kennesaw GA, RFD, at residence. Usual Residence, GA, Cobb County, Kennesaw, Rt # 1, Length of stay: 2years. Hattie GRANT Gilbert. Died 5-25-53, female, white, married, spouse: Thomas J. GILBERT, age 73, housewife, domestic. Birthplace: Swain Co, NC. Father: John GRANT. Mother: Dorothy Jane EVANS. SSN: (Blank) Informant: T.J. GRANT (sic). Cause: Hypertension artero schlerosis. Cemetery: New Salem, Marietta, Cobb Co, GA.;

The Atlanta Constitution, 26 May 1953, Tuesday
Funeral Notices:
Gilbert, Mrs. Hattie Grant

Marriage Notes

Lon and Hattie were not married

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