Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Charles Grant
Born: before 1767 in VA
Married: before 1798 in Rutherford Co, NC
Died: 1801 in Christian Co, KY
Father: William Grant
Mother: Mary
Wife: ?
01 (M): David Grant
Born: 1797/1798 in Christian Co, KY
Died: after 1870 in Graves Co, KY
Spouses: Anna Ward
02 (M): William Grant
Born: 1798/1801
Died: 1819 in Christian Co, KY
Spouses: Polly L Cooper
03 (M): Alexander Grant
Born: 1795/1801
Died: after 1815 in Rutherford Co, NC
Additional Information

Charles Grant:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's 5th Great Grand Uncle.;

!NOTE:A grandson of Richard Grant (of Greenville Dist., SC and Lincoln Co., NC) said Richard was married to Miss Sarah Wyatt of NC. This would appear to be this same woman or else a major coincidence. Need to check marriage bond to ensure it says "Charles" Grant.

!BIRTH:BEF 1767 if 21 or more in 1788 when he became a constable.;

!BIRTHPLACE:Virginia assumed, since brother Thomas was born there 1773;

!FATHER:William GRANT, proven by Will of William GRANT, 1794;

!MOTHER:Mary MORRIS, proven by Will of William GRANT, 1794;

!TAXLIST:1776-1780 Tryon Co, NC w/William GRANT age under 16 (1760/80);

!WITNESS:31 Dec 1788 Rutherford Co, NC Deed (Wills & Misc records) pg 34 Edward HAGON to his wife Christian HAGON, during her life, then to son Richard HAGON. Witness: William GRANT, Jeremiah SMITH, Charles GRANT, David MACKY;

!CENSUS:1790 Rutherford Co, NC pg 116 w/William GRANT age 16+ (bef 1774);

!BONDSMAN:26 Feb 1791 Rutherford Co, NC Marriage of Freeman TOMBERLIN & Nancy MULLINS;

!WITNESS:28 Apr 1791 Rutherford Co, NC Deed 7-146 James KILPATRICK of Rutherford Co, NC to William GRANT of Rutherford Co, NC for 50L, -- a joining Anthony DICKEY Witness: Stephen WILLIS, Charles GRANT;

!COURT:Jan 1792 Rutherford Co, NC "Chas GRANT come into open court upon a charge of bastardy & entered into bond with James RIDINGS & Jno FISHER in the sum of two hundred pounds and therefore release from his recognizance";

!COURT:29 May 1793 Morgan District, Superior Court Book IV page 764 Charles GRANT, William MUZICK, and others, Horse Stealing;

!COURT:__ Sep 1793 Morgan District, Superior Court Book IV page 871 Charles GRANT, late of the said (Rutherford) county, State vs Charles GRANT and Robert MAGNISS, Indt. Trespass;

!COURT:__ ___ 1793 Morgan District Superior Court, Book IV, page 878 Charles GRANT for Horse Stealing, bail admited. Principal bond by: William GRANT, David MILLER, John MILLER, Stephen WILLIS, James MORRIS, Russel TWITTY, Yelverton NEVILL and Alexander GRANT;

!NAMED: 9 Oct 1794 Rutherford Co, NC Will of William GRANT "son Charles GRANT";

!COURT: 3 Mar 1795 Morgan District Superior Court, Book IV page 1170 Charles GRANT, goods and chattell property be used to recover the cost of 8 pounds 13/8 of which he was convicted.;

!DEED:19 Jan 1799 Christian Co., KY DB 22 - 243 Charles Grant, 200a Little River;

!CENSUS:1800 *
* 1800 Christian Co, KY Tax list 22 Jul 1800 - Charles Grant;



!NOTES:I used to think Charles Grant's wife was Sarah Wyatt because of a marriage bond (1795-1798) in neighboring Lincoln Co. NC between Charles Grant and Sally Wyatt. However, that is actually Richard Grant instead (of the Greenville SC family).

Charles's wife MIGHT be Susannah who married Robert Friatt in 1804 (Charles died 1801). Susannah might also be a Potts, daughter of John & Mary Potts. Both are just theories at this time (2011);

(03) Alexander Grant:





!CENSUS:1830 *** Sangamon Co., IL pg 136 Alexander Grant age 30-39 (1790/1800)
"000002-00001" *** Could be him for his 1st cousin James Grant came to this county just after this. Alexander is near Thomas Elliott in 1830 who may be from Rutherford originally;

!CENSUS:1840 x

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