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Husband: Abraham Dozier
Died: before 1848
Father: Cpt John Dozier
Mother: Ann Davis
01 (F): Charlotte Dozier
Born: 1803/1804 in SC
Died: after 1850 in Madison Co, FL
Spouses: John C McGehee
02 (F): Amelia Dozier
Born: in SC
Died: before 1848
Spouses: Broom
03 (F): Rebecca S Dozier
Born: 1813/1814 in SC
Died: after 1850 in Madison Co, FL
Spouses: Benjamin Franklin Dozier
Additional Information

Abraham Dozier:


!NOTES:I (Marty Grant) am not related to this person as far as I know. However, I am interested in all families in Marion County, SC to some extent.


!CENSUS:1800 x

!NAMED-PROBATE ROLL # 224 Capt. John Dozier
Will 18 Apr 1807
Wife Ann Dozer ... from estate of Benjamin Davis her father ...
Four children -
Leonard Dozer
John Dozier
Elizabeth Dozer
James Dozier
and son Abraham Dozer
Witnesses: John Dunnam, Isachar Foxworth, Mary Ann Lewis

Records in probate roll also include what may be John Jr dated 1836/1837, or perhaps still pertaining to Capt John?
... Leonard Dozier and other heirs of John Dozier vs. Anthony Dozier ... land belonging to estate of John Dozier decd late of Winyaw Dist, these lands lying in Marion Dist., 1836 and 1837;

!NAMED-PROBATE ROLL # 221 Leonard Dozier 1810
Will dated -- --- 1810, proven 10 Nov 1810
Brothers -
James Dozier
John Dozier
Abraham Dozier
Sister Elizabeth Godfrey
Witnesses: James Howard, John Ramsey and William Scott
John Dozier, Executor;

!CENSUS:1810 x

!CENSUS:1820 x

!CENSUS:1830 x

!CENSUS:1840 x

!NAMED-EQUITY ROLL # 191 James Dozier 1848
Bill for Partition Filed 19 Oct 1848
A. W. Dozier, Leonard Dozier, Elizabeth G. Ralston, George W. Lee and Susan A. his wife, Richard Dozier, Thomas J. Dozier and H. L. Byrd and Adelaid P. his wife show that James Dozier decd, at time of his death had two tracts of land in Marion District bequeathed to him by his brother Leonard Dozier decd ...
survey made 24 Jun 1841 ...
James Dozier died 18-- leaving his two brothers Abraham and John Dozier and his sister Elizabeth Godfrey.
Before division of lands August 1830 John Dozier one of the distributees, died inteststate leaving his heirs
A. W. Dozier
B. F. Dozier
Leonard Dozier
Elizabeth G. Dozier now Eliza G. Ralston widow
Susan Dozier now Susan Lee wife of G. W. Lee
Richard Dozier
Thomas J. Dozier
Adelaide Dozier now Adelaide Byrd wife of W. L. Byrd
Before distribution Abraham Dozier, another distributee died intestate leaving his only heirs:
Charlotte Dozier now Charlotte McGhee wife of John C. McGehee,
Amelia Dozier afterward Amelia Broom wife of --- Broom,
Rebecca Dozier afterward wife of B. F. Dozier.
After death of Jaems and before partition, Eliza Godfrey died leaving her husband and several children at present unknown to the orators.
After the death of John Dozier, B. F. Dozier died Mar 1843 leaving his wife Rebecca Dozier and his three children:
Albert Dozier, Charlotte Dozier and --- Dozier, surviving.
After death of Abraham Dozier another distributee of James Dozier, Amelia Dozier, then Amelia Broom, died leaving her husband --- Broom and son John Dozier Broom surviving.;

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