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Husband: Giles
Married: before 1791 in Georgetown Dist, SC (now Marion Co, SC)
Died: 1791/1799 in Georgetown Dist, SC (now Marion Co, SC)
Wife: Ann Davis
Born: before 1755
Died: 1820/1824 in Marion Dist, SC
Father: Benjamin Davis
Mother: Port
Spouses: Cpt John Dozier
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!NOTES:I (Marty Grant) am not related to this person as far as I know. However, I am interested in all families in Marion County, SC to some extent.

Ann Davis:


!NOTES:I (Marty Grant) am not related to this person as far as I know. However, I am interested in all families in Marion County, SC to some extent.


!WITNESS-DEED:12 Apr 1791 Marion Co., SC Deed Book G, p. 35
Benjamnin Davis of Liberty Co, Georgetown District to my daughter Rachel Godfrey wife of Richard Godfrey of same county, give to my daughter 3 Negroes: Jockey, Roxana & Phillis ...
... revert to my other children: Ann, David, Joseph, Benjamin, William & Henry ...
S: Benjamin Davis
Witnesses: Ann GIles, Abraham Britton
Proven by Ann Dozier formerly Ann Giles before John Dozier 27 May 1799. Saw Benjamin Davis Senr sign;


!NAMED-PROBATE ROLL # 224 Capt. John Dozier
Will 18 Apr 1807
Wife Ann Dozer ... from estate of Benjamin Davis her father ...
Four children -
Leonard Dozer
John Dozier
Elizabeth Dozer
James Dozier
and son Abraham Dozer
Witnesses: John Dunnam, Isachar Foxworth, Mary Ann Lewis

Records in probate roll also include what may be John Jr dated 1836/1837, or perhaps still pertaining to Capt John?
... Leonard Dozier and other heirs of John Dozier vs. Anthony Dozier ... land belonging to estate of John Dozier decd late of Winyaw Dist, these lands lying in Marion Dist., 1836 and 1837;

!CENSUS:1810 Marion Dist., SC p. 8
Ann Dozier age 45+ (bef 1765)
* Next to estate of Leonard Dozier;

!DEED: 7 Jun 1813 Marion Co., SC Deed Book F. p. 159
Ann Dozer in affection for my relation J. H. Alison, release my right to interest and estate which I have or could have under the will of my uncle Thomas Port.
S: Ann Dozer
Wit: W. H. Greaves, Thomas Munnerlyn, T.P. Godfrey;

!WITNESS-DEED: 1 Sep 1814 Marion Co., SC Deed Book I, p. 394
Joseph Davis of Marion Dist in consideration of love for my daughter Ann Maria Fladger lend to her two Negroes Sophia Bonapart during her natural life ...
I appoint my son Abraham Giles Davis trustee.
S: Joseph Davis.
Wit: Ann Dozer, William Davis, Henry Davis Jr;

!CENSUS:1820 Marion Dist., SC p. 7
Ann Dozier age 45+ (bef 1775)

!NAMED-EQUITY ROLL # 59 Thomas Port 1824
Ann G. Davis and others vs. Joseph Davis, Sr. and others.
Ann G. Davis
John C. Davis
Thomas P. Davis
Bennett Greaves and Rachel R. his wife
Show that Thomas Port of Marion Dist died testate 1776 (Exhibit A, copy of his will), devised his real estate to widow Frances Port for term of her life and after her death he directed the same, etc. to be sold, to be equally divided among his brothers and sisters children, share and share alike.
After death of Frances Port in 18--, Joseph Davis Sr, acting for himself and as agent of the orator and oratrixes, as of William Davis, Sr, Ann Dozier, Rachel Godfrey and Joseph Port together with the orator ...
Thomas Port died testate. He has living nieces and nephews:
this defendant William Davis, Henry Davis and Rachel Godfrey.
That Benjamin Davis his nephew died leaving John C. Davis, Thomas P. Davis, Rachel Graves and Ann G. Davis his children surviving him;
That David Davis his nephew has died leaving Francis Davis, Benjamin Davis, William Davis, Elizabeth Graves wife of Henry Graves, Rachel Allison wife of James H. Allison and Henry Davis his sons and daughters.
That Ann Dozier has died since the death of Frances Port;
That Peter Port his nephew died leaving Peter, Sarah Freeman wife of James Freeman, Nancy Grouter wife of David Grouter, Betsy Akeman wife of Jaems Akeman, Milley Port wife of James Port and Gracey Port his sons and daughters.
That John Port nephew of testator died leaving Hester Windham wife of --- and --- Port, his son and daughter surviving him.
Joseph Port nephew of testator has also died leaving children whose names are not known.
Benjamin Port, nephew of testator has died leaving Nancy Payne wife of Elijah Payne, Peggy Gibson wife of John Gibson and James Port.
"Ports Ferry" mentioned several times in this document;

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