Marty and Karla Grant

Wife: Susan Grant
Born: 1780/1790 in Rutherford Co, NC
Died: 1878/1880 in Rutherford Co, NC
Father: >>>
Mother: Clementine Grant
01 (F): Margaret C Lucinda Grant
Born: 1809/1810 in Rutherford Co, NC
Died: after 1880 in Henderson Co, NC
Spouses: Aaron Nix; Andrew Tomberlin
02 (F): Mary Elvira Grant
Born: 1815/1816 in Rutherford Co, NC
Died: after 1880 in Moultrie Co, IL
Spouses: Alfred White
03 (F): Sarah Grant
Spouses: Bowman
04 (F): Nancy Malinda Grant
Born: 1822/1823 in Rutherford Co, NC
Died: after 1910 in McDowell Co, NC
Spouses: James M Grant
05 (M): William Colin Grant
Born: 06 JUN 1824 in Rutherford Co, NC
Died: 22 SEP 1891 in Henderson Co, NC
Spouses: Sarah Elizabeth Freeman


06 (M): Irvin A Humphries
Born: FEB 1833 in Rutherford Co, NC
Died: after 1910 in Rutherford Co, NC
Spouses: Elizabeth Camp
Additional Information

Susan Grant:


!BIRTH:Estimated at 1779/90 based on several census age entries:
1790 = x (bef 1790)
1800 = 10-15 (1784/1790)
1810 = 26-44 (1765/1784) *
1820 =
1830 =
1840 =
1850 = 60 (1789/1790)
1860 = 80 (1779/1780)
Combined = (1779/1790)

!BIRTHPLACE:Rutherford Co, NC assumed;


!MOTHER:Clementine GRANT, proven by Estate records of James GRANT, 1840;

!TAXLIST:1776-1780 Tryon Co, NC w/William GRANT age under 16 (1760/80);

!CENSUS:1790 Rutherford Co, NC pg 116 w/William GRANT no ages (bef 1790);

!CENSUS:1800 Rutherford Co, NC pg 112 w/Mary GRANT age 16-25 (1774/84);

!CENSUS:1810 * Rutherford Co, NC pg 128 w/Frances PEARSON age 26-45 (1765/84);


!COURT:Jul 1825 Rutherford Co, NC 1825-30 pg 15 The grand jury presented the following children as fit objects of the care of the court and recommend they be brought into court and bound out: ... Three children of Clemmy GRANT, deceased at Andrew GRANT's, ... two girl children of Susanna GRANT ....
NOTE: These three children of Clemy and two of Susan would have been under 21, so born between ca 1804 and 1825;


!NAMED: 4 Oct 1833 Rutherford Co, NC Estates A-108 Sale bill of Philip HEAD, decd. Purchasers: ... James TANNER ... Susannah GRANT ... Isham HEAD ... Mary DALTON ... John HEAD ... Michael TANNER, Daniel TANNER ...;


!NAMED:Fall 1840 Rutherford Co, NC Estates B-40 Inventory/Sale of James GRANT, deceased by John TOMBERLIN, administrator. Purchasers: Ranson EDGERTON, A.G. LOGAN, George TOMBERLIN, William P. PORTER, John A. WATSON, Susan GRANT, Jesse R. WALKER, J.D. CARPENTER, Robert PENTUFF, Thomas GRANT, T. LYNCH, C. DETTER, Benjamin TOMBERLIN, H.D CARRIER, Rachel SMITH, John MORRIS, John S. ALLY, Sharod UPCHURCH, Robert CALLAHAN, James HILL, N. PARDON, Mary ALLEN, Gilbert BLANKENSHIP, Aleson McHAN, Samuel WELLS, John LOGAN, Michael TANNER, Margaret MITCHELL, Elbert MITCHELL, Michael HUDLOW, Addam HAMPTON, John WALKER, Rbecca LABOND, David WALKER, Abram GREEN, D.D. ALLEN, Abel HILL, Henry KEETER, Lewis B. LOGAN, William PINNER, John ALLEN.;

!NAMED: 6 Nov 1841 Rutherford Co, NC Estates B-167 In Persuance of a commision to us directed to settle with John TOMBERLIN, administrator of James GRANT, deceased, do report and find that the amount of sale is as follows:
Amount of Sale: 436.57
Cash on hand: 3.77
Commision allowed Administrator: 22.00
A.G. LOGAND ack of ricpt .46
M. Daniel HALLOWAYS ricpt 20.53
McENTIR & WALTONS acpt & ricpt 5.01
James M. LOGAN acpt & ricpt 10.00
Clerks Fees 1.75
Auctioneer 2.00
John TOMBERLIN acpt 24.00
Malinda GRANT acpt & Ricpt 10.00
Commisioners Fees 3.00
We find Thos. GRANT, Susan GRANT, Miry HEAD, Polly DALTON & Franky PEARSON, brothers and sisters of deceased, consequently equal shares $68.29. Nov 6, 1841. S: Thos Jefferson, W.B. Rutherford, Francis A. Littlejohn, Commisioners. Recvd of John TOMBERLIN administrator, three dollars, our fees as commissioners this 6 Nov 1841. Thos Jefferson W.B. Rutherford, Francis A. Littlejohn;

!CENSUS:1850 Rutherford Co, NC Mountain Creek 325B / 1359 / 1404
Susan Grant 60 F 25 NC
Ervin Umphries 17 M “

!CENSUS:1860 Rutherford Co., NC PHF 336b-884-884, 07/04/1860 Mountain Creek Dist - Rutherfordton PO
T. F. Edwards 48 M 170 1500 NC
Nancy 30 F
Deborah 12 F
John 10 M
Elias 8 M
Columbus 5 M
Silas 3 M
Mary 2/12 F
Susan Grant 80 F 50 100 N.C.
Irvin Humphers 25 M


!DEED:1878 Rutherford Co., NC 57-413 Susan Grant to George Flack, registered 1885;

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