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Husband: Thomas Jennings
Born: 29 DEC 1786 in Surry Co, NC
Married: before 1815 in Buncombe Co, NC (now Madison Co, NC)
Died: 1845 in Macon Co, NC
Father: James Jennings
Mother: Charity Burch
Wife: Sarah Ammons
Born: 06 AUG 1793 in SC
Father: John Ammons
Mother: Sarah
01 (F): Charity Jennings
Born: 01 AUG 1815 in Buncombe Co, NC
Spouses: Matthew Nathan Russell
02 (F): Mary Jennings
Born: 13 FEB 1819 in Buncombe Co, NC
Spouses: Isaac N Keener
03 (F): Martha Jennings
Born: 10 DEC 1821 in Buncombe Co, NC
Spouses: William Deal
04 (M): James J Jennings
Born: 03 AUG 1824 in Haywood Co, NC
Spouses: Mary L Caler; Lucinda P Evit; Sarah Henderson
05 (F): Sarah Jennings
Born: 23 FEB 1826 in Haywood Co, NC (now Macon Co, NC)
Died: after 1850 in Macon Co, NC
Spouses: Isham D Franks
06 (M): John Burch Jennings
Born: 13 DEC 1827 in Haywood Co, NC
Died: 11 JUN 1917 in Jackson Co, NC
Spouses: Elizabeth A Kilpatrick
07 (F): Elizabeth Jennings
Born: 27 AUG 1830 in Macon Co, NC
Spouses: Erwin Wood
Additional Information

Thomas Jennings:



!CENSUS:1790 Surry Co, NC pg 184 w/James GINNINGS age -16 (1774/90);


!NAMED: 3 Sep 1801 Surry Co, NC Will Book 3-47 John BURCH, proven Nov 1801. Wife Charity BURCH. Son William BURCH, daughter Maryana COCKERHAM, son Thomas Chidle BURCH, granddaughter Charity COCKERHAM, grandsons: John GENNINGS, Thomas GENNINGS. Executor: William BURCH, Thomas Chidle BURCH and wife. Witness: Caleb WINFREY, William BURCH;



!CENSUS:1830 Macon Co, NC pg 32 Thomas JENNINGS age 40-49 (1780/90);

!NAMED-PROBATE:Yancey Co., NC Wills 1834-1860 James Gennings
Heirs named (no date)
By Agreement of
D. Carter
Wiliam Cochram
John George
Thomas Ginnings
William Ray
John Carter
Wm R. Roberts
to lay off dower for the widow ... (not named);


!COURT:Jan 1842 Macon Co, NC Court Minutes 1838-1855 pg 164 Jury ... Andrew BRYSON ... M.B. STRAIN ... William ROWLAND ... J.L. MOORE ... Tilenius MOORE ... Thomas JENNINGS ... Thomas J. ROANE ...;

!COURT:Dec 1845 Macon Co, NC Court Minutes 1838-1855 pg 317 Thomas JENNINGS died intestate, William COCKERHAM appointed administrator;


Sarah Ammons:


!NOTES:Maiden name Sarah Ammons per D/C of son John;

CENSUS:1830 Macon Co, NC pg 32 w/Thomas JENNINGS age 30-39 (1790/1800);
CENSUS:1850 Macon Co, NC Tennessee Valley # 303 Sarah JENNINGS, 51 (1798/99)
born SC;

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