Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: William Musick
Born: about 1758 in Albemarle Co, VA
Died: about 1804 in St Louis Co, MO
Father: Abraham Musick
Mother: Sarah Lewis
Spouses: Winifred Hannon
Wife: Clementine Grant
Born: 1755/1760 in VA
Died: before JUL 1825 in Rutherford Co, NC
Father: William Grant
Mother: Mary
Spouses: >>>
01 (F): Mary Grant
Born: 1789/1790 in Rutherford Co, NC
Died: 1880/1900 in Polk Co, NC
Spouses: Elijah Dalton
Additional Information

William Musick:


!REF:Genealogy of the Lewis Family in America ... by William Terrell Lewis, p. 187;

Clementine Grant:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's 5th Great Grand Aunt.;

!BIRTH:Unsure, as she was never a head of household, but circa 1755/1774;

!BIRTHPLACE:Virginia assumed, since brother Thomas was born there 1773;

!FATHER:William GRANT, proven by Will of William GRANT 1794;

!MOTHER:Mary MORRIS, proven by Will of William GRANT 1794;

!TAXLIST:1776-1780 Tryon Co, NC w/William GRANT age 16-60 (1715/64);

!CENSUS:1790 Rutherford Co, NC pg 116 w/William GRANT no ages (bef 1790);

!COURT:Oct 1791 Rutherford Co, NC "the court allowed Clemy GRANT, 14.0.0 for the Maintenance of a base born child that William MUSICK is supposed to be the reputed father by the name of Mary and that Notice issue for him to appear at next & shew cause if any he has why execution should not issue against him for the same";

!NAMED: 9 Oct 1794 Rutherford Co, NC Will of William GRANT "daughter Clemy GRANT";

!CENSUS:1800 Rutherford Co, NC pg 112 w/Mary GRANT age 26-44 (1755/1774);

!NAMED:19 Sep 1802 Rutherford Co, NC Will of James LOVE, "to James, son of Clementine GRANT";

!COURT:Apr 1805 Rutherford Co, NC Alexander GRANT and James BOYLE made bond for 75 pounds each assuring the county "that the following children of Clemmy GRANT, Viz, Mary and James Washington shall not become chargeable to the County";

!CENSUS:1810 * Rutherford Co, NC pg 366 w/Elijah DALTON age 45+ (bef 1765);

!COURT: 6 Jul 1818 Rutherford Co, NC 1818-1819 pg 154 Robert H TAYLOR returns a bond from of Clemmy GRANT to indemnify the Court for a bastard child;


!COURT:Jul 1825 Rutherford Co, NC 1825-30 pg 15 The grand jury presented the following children as fit objects of the care of the court and recommend they be brought into court and bound out: ... Three children of Clemmy GRANT, deceased at Andrew GRANT's, ... two girl children of Susanna GRANT ....
NOTE: These three children of Clemy and two of Susan would have been under 21, so born between ca 1804 and 1825;

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