Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: William Turner
Born: 1767/1768 in Craven Co, SC (now Marion Co, SC)
Married: 1840/1843 in Marion Dist, SC
Died: 1855/1860 in Marion Dist, SC
Father: John Turner
Mother: Patience Smith
Spouses: Catherine Martin
Wife: Mary
Died: 1843/1850 in Marion Dist, SC
Additional Information

William Turner:


!CENSUS:1790 Georgetown District, SC Prince George Parish pg 56 w/John TURNER no ages (bef 1790) family listed as 10 others;

!NAMED:1794 Petition of inhabitants of Lynch's & Jeffery's Creek (PDQ Vol XXIX, No 2 March-Apr 2005 p 1 - Reuben Turner ... William Turner ... Samuel Hussey ** Note, I thought this was a different set of Turners, but Reuben, William and Samuel Hussey are all of the Catfish Creek Turners;

!CENSUS:1800 * Georgetown Dist., SC, Kingston County pg 384
William Turner age 26-44 (1755/74) "00010-00010-0-0";

!CENSUS:1810 Marion Dist., SC pg 30-85A Wm Turner age 26-44 (1765/84)

!TAXLIST:1811 Marion Dist, SC William TURNER $0.17;

!TAXLIST:1814 Marion Dist, SC William TURNER $0.48;

!DEED: 3 Oct 1814 Marion Co, SC Deeds F-324 William TURNER of Marion Dist late of NC to John NEWSON for $240 a negro girl Elizar age 7 years. S: William Turner Wit: Richard (X) GRANTHAM, Mathew DICKINSON;

!NAMED:29 Aug 1816 Marion Dist, SC Inventory Book 1827-1836 pg 182 Robert HODGES Estate. Notes: ... James CAMPBELL ... Meredith WATSON ... Scarcebook WATSON ... William TURNER ... James JOHNSTON ... Dempsey CAMPBELL ... James JOHNSON ...;

!DEED: 7 Nov 1816 Marion Co, SC Deeds G-26 William TURNER of Marion Dist, blacksmith to Lewis MILLS who hath neither father nor mother or guardian within this state & is not nor likely to become chargeable to the Parish. Lewis MILLS binds himself apprentice blacksmith to William TURNER until 7 May 1820. Turner agrees to instruct in the craft of Blacksmith & to find Mills in meat, drink washing lodging & clothing and to give 6 mos school. S: William Turner, Lewis (X) Mills;

!DEED:14 Feb 1817 Marion Co, SC Deeds G-66 William TURNER to Mary ROWE for $300, a negro girl LIZAR about 10 years old. S: William Turner. Wit: Benjamin LEWIS;

!NAMED:30 Jul 1819 Marion Co, SC Deeds K-42 Francis BRIDGES of Marion Dist to Joseph BASS of Marion Dist for $800, 300a being part of a different tract. 1st land from John TURNER Sr to his son Rubin TURNER & from R. TURNER to Francis BRIDGES containing 163a. 2nd land from John SANDERS to Levi SOLOMON & Solomon assigned over to Bridges containing 100a. 3rd land from John TURNER Sr to his son William TURNER to Francis BRIDGES containing 50a all on East side Catfish. S: Francis Bridges. Wit: B. MOODY, George RAWLS. Mrs. Elizabeth Bridges wf of Francis relinq dower;

!DEED:16 Dec 1819 Marion Co, SC Deeds I-146 William TURNER & John TURNER to John BRIDGES for $100, 68a East side Catfish. S: William Turner, John (X) Turner. Wit: James G. CRAWFORD, Nathaniel MURFEE;

!CENSUS:1820 Marion Dist, SC pg 67 William TURNER age 45+ (bef 1775)

!TAXLIST:1824 Marion Dist, SC William TURNER $0.28;

!CENSUS:1830 Marion Dist, SC pg 48 William TURNER age 50-59 (1770/80)

!CENSUS:1840 Marion Dist, SC pg 182 William TURNER age 60-69 (1770/80) "000000001-00001";

!CENSUS:1850 Marion Dist., SC # 1266/1271
William Turner 82 M Farmer $2000 Marion
Dolly 40;


!COURT:17 Sep 1860 Marion County Court of Common Pleas. Martin W. TURNER, vs Robert J. GREGG, declaration in Prohibition. John BLACKMAN Sr said he knew John TURNER, grandfather of Martin W. TURNER as a free person of color and also Patience TURNER the grandmother of said Martin W. TURNER that John TURNER was half white and half African, that Patience was judging from her color and from reputation one fourth African blood. The father of said Martin W. TURNER, who was a son of John and Patience was named William TURNER who married Catherine MARTIN a white woman and had several children including Martin W. TURNER, who is only one eighth African blood and of very good character ...;

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