Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Isaac Sacre
Born: about 1745 in VA
Married: 24 DEC 1780 in Caroline Co, VA
Died: 1808 in Franklin Co, KY
Wife: Elizabeth George
Born: 01 MAR 1761 in Caroline Co, VA
Died: 1850/1853 in Hendricks Co, IN
Father: Robert George
Mother: Mary
01 (M): Robert Sacre
Born: 09 NOV 1781 in Caroline Co, VA
Died: after 1860 in Franklin Co, KY
Spouses: Mary "Polly" Poe; Synthia A McConnell
02 (F): Mary "Polly" Sacre
Born: 11 DEC 1783 in Caroline Co, VA
Died: after 1860 in Franklin Co, KY
Spouses: John Bohannon
03 (F): Elizabeth Sacre
Born: 18 JAN 1786 in Caroline Co, VA
Spouses: William B Cook
04 (F): Catherine Sacre
Born: 23 FEB 1788 in Caroline Co, VA
Spouses: William Yount
05 (M): James George Sacre
Born: FEB 1790 in Caroline Co, VA
Spouses: Mary "Polly" Arrasmith
06 (M): Thomas Sacre
Born: 12 AUG 1792 in KY
07 (M): Abner Sacre
Born: JAN 1795 in KY
Spouses: Phebe Martin
08 (M): Charles Sacre
Born: 16 SEP 1797 in KY
Spouses: Eleanor Green
09 (M): Benjamin Sacre
Born: 24 AUG 1799 in KY
Died: 1870/1880 in Hendricks Co, IN
Spouses: Mary Spekelmire; Jane
10 (F): Frances Sacre
Born: 1806/07 in KY
Died: after 1870 in Hendricks Co, IN
Spouses: Jesse Tinder; Austin H Smith
Additional Information

Isaac Sacre:


!NOTE:Family details from Rev War Pension W10247;

Elizabeth George:


!NOTE:From Randy Smith:

Hello Marty,
First, thank you for making available to all the results of your family research.
I am researching my wife's Sacre and George ancestors. From a cousin, Gary Sacre, we have the following:
The Isaac Sacre Bible has the following entry:
Elizabeth daughter of Robert George and Mary his wife was born
1 Mar 1761.
Isaac Sacre's Rev War Pension indicates that Isaac Sacre and Elizabeth
George were married the 24 Dec 1780 in the County of Caroline, State
of Virginia.
Based on the above we are reasonably certain that Elizabeth's parents are Robert George and Mary and that they most likely lived in Caroline Co., VA. These assumptions and the date of Elizabeth's birth make Elizabeth a possible daughter of Robert George, son of Richard George and Elizabeth Ann Mayo.
You have very little information on Robert, son of Richard, on your website but my question is: Have you, during your research, found another Robert George with a wife Mary living in Caroline or nearby counties during this time or found any information about your Robert and Mary's family that may not be on your website?
Hope you are feeling better each day! Thanks again for the generous sharing of your research and any help you may offer.
Randy Smith

!CENSUS:1790 * Lost for VA & KY;

!CENSUS:1800 * Lost for VA & KY;

!CENSUS:1810 * Shelby Co, KY pg 207 Elizabeth Sacre age 26-44 (1765/84) "10100-20210-0-0";

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