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Husband: William Murrow
Born: 1814/1815 in SC
Married: before 1873 in Horry Co, SC
Died: 1877/1880 in Horry Co, SC
Father: Murrow
Mother: >>>
Spouses: Elizabeth Smart
Wife: Treacl F Russ
Born: 1843/1844 in Horry Dist, SC
Spouses: James M Barnhill
01 (M): William Daniel Murrow
Born: MAR 1876 in Horry Co, SC
Died: 01 JUL 1938 in Horry Co, SC
Spouses: Mary Charlotte Edwards
02 (M): Thomas Murrow
Born: 1874/1875 in Horry Co, SC
03 (F): Georgia A Murrow
Born: 1876/1877 in Horry Co, SC
Additional Information

William Murrow:


(1) I am not related to this person as far as I know. However, I'm interested in all Marion/Horry Co., SC families to some extent.
(2) This person is an aunt/uncle of my Aunt Lisa Tindal Campbell.


!CENSUS:1850 Horry Dist., SC # 479/479
Wm Parker 22 Far. $225 SC
Jane 17
Wm Murrow 35 Far. $-
Hester A. Parker 20 m
Rebecca 4;

!CENSUS:1860 Horry Dist., SC Kingston Parish # 67/67
W. Murah 45 m Farmer $0/200
Elizabeth 35
James 15
Rebecca 14
Mary A. 12
Elizabeth 2
Hester A. 1/12;

Treacl F Russ:


!NOTE:Maiden name "Russ" from D/C of son William D.;

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