Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: LIVING
Wife: Ethel Jane Gilbert
Born: 29 DEC 1918 in Union Co, GA
Died: 29 OCT 2000 in Savannah, Chatham Co, GA
Father: Thomas Joshua Gilbert
Mother: Hattie Thermudas Grant
Additional Information

Ethel Jane Gilbert:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's Great Great Aunt.;


"A History of the Grant Family of Western North Carolina" (2 vol), by Marvin A. Grant, Jr.
Available at:

!NOTES:B/D 29 Dec 1918 told to me by her, confirmed by SSDI and D/D;

!BIRTHPLACE:Union Co, GA told to me by her;

!FATHER:Thomas Joshua Gilbert, told to me by her;
!MOTHER:Hattie Thermudas Grant, told to me by her;

!CENSUS:1920 Union Co., GA Ivy Log District # 35/35
Thomas Gilbert head 36 M GA-NC-GA Farmer
Hattie wife 37 M NC-NC-NC
Arvel son 3 0/12 GA-NC-NC
Ethel dau 1 3/12;

!CENSUS:1930 Cobb Co, GA Militia Dist # 898 # 484/519
Thomas J. GILBERT, Hd, 45 M 30 GA/GA/GA
Hattie, wf 48 NC/NC/NC
Orville, son 12 GA/GA/NC
Ethel, dau 11
Fannie, dau 10
Frank, son, 8

!CENSUS:1940 Cobb Co., GA Oregon Township # 5, Dallas Road
Thomas J. Gilbert head 54 M GA. 1935 Cobb GA. Farmer
Hattie wife 59 M NC
Ethel dau 20 GA Laborer - Farm
Fannie dau 17 Laborer - Farm
Frank son 16 Laborer - Farm;

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