Marty and Karla Grant

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Husband: James W Murray
Born: 1810/1820
Married: 20 MAR 1834 in Macon Co, NC
Died: after 1840 in Union Co, GA
Wife: Matilda Waters
Born: 1800/1804 in Mecklenburg Co, NC
Died: after 1840 in Union Co, GA
Father: Michael Waters
Mother: Emelia Stewart
Additional Information

James W Murray:


!CENSUS:1840 Union Co, GA pg 13 James W. MURY age 20-29 (1810/20) "12101-110001";

!CENSUS:1850 x
* A James W. Murray found in Van Buren Co., AR, could be him, but wife doesn't match:
Van Buren Co., AR War Eagle # 101/101
James W. Murray 33 Farmer $- NC
Amelia 43 NC
Mary E. J. Pugh 16 TN
Wm W. Murry 11 GA
Elvania J. 10
John L. 7
Maret M. 1 f AR
* Theory: This could be same James W. Murray that married Matilda Waters. Matilda died before this and he remarried Amelia ---. Matilda had sister Milly who is also missing in 1850. Amelia could be Milly. Just a thought, no real proof of this yet. Family in Independence Co., AR in 1860. No sign in 1870;

Matilda Waters:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's 4th Great Grand Aunt.;

!CENSUS:1810 Mecklenburg Co, NC pg 498 w/Michael WATERS age 0-9 (1800/10);

!CENSUS:1820 Haywood Co, NC pg 218 w/Michael WATTERS age 16-25 (1795/1804);

!CENSUS:1830 Macon Co, NC pg 27 w/Michael Waters age 30-39 (1790/1800);

!MARRIAGE:20 Mar 1834 Macon Co, NC James W. MURRAY & Metilda WATTERS, A. G. LOVE, bm;

!CENSUS:1840 Union Co, GA pg 13 w/James W. MURY age 30-39 (1800/10);

!CENSUS:1850 x

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