Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Charles Noten George
Born: 21 NOV 1890 in Graham Co, NC
Married: 08 MAR 1914 in Graham Co, NC
Died: 12 APR 1952 in Topton, Cherokee Co, NC
Father: Thomas Jefferson George
Mother: Sarah Elvira Carpenter
Spouses: Della Christmas Wright


Wife: Nora Modenia Nichols
Born: 28 JAN 1898 in Fannin Co, GA
Died: 07 JUL 1975 in Cherokee Co, GA
Father: Pleasant Calvin Nichols
Mother: Angeline Odom
Spouses: Lawrence Hyde


Additional Information

Charles Noten George:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's Great Grand Parent.;

!BIRTH:21 Nov 1890 proven by Death Certificate # 7870. NOTE: He was born 99 years to the day from his namesake Charles Noden GEORGE, his Great Grandfather (born 21 Nov 1791);

!BIRTHPLACE:Graham Co, NC as told by his daughter Luella GEORGE Grant;

!FATHER:Thomas Jefferson GEORGE, proven by Death Certificate # 7870, and by the 1900 and 1910 Census;

!MOTHER:Sarah Elvira CARPENTER, proven by Death Certificate # 7870, and by the 1900 and 1910 Census;

!CENSUS:1900 Graham Co., NC Cheoah # 112
Jeff George head May 1862 38 M 17 NC-TN-TN Farmer
Elvira S. wife Jul 1867 32 M 17 6-7 NC-TN-TN
William son Jul 1883 16 NC-NC-NC Farm Laborer
Edgar J. son Mar 1885 15 Farm Laborer
Hardy son Jun 1887 13 Farm Laborer
Noden son Nov 1891 8
Mary E. dau Oct 1893 6
James Cooper step-father, Jan 1818 86 M 28 SC-SC-SC
Rachel mother Feb 1829 71 M 28 6-4 TN-TN-TN;

!CENSUS:1910 Graham Co, NC Cheoah Twp # 196
George Thomas J HD W-M 47 M1 27 Farmer NC-NC-NC
George Sarah E WF W-F 43 M1 27 7-6 NC-NC-NC
George Hardie S W-M 23 S Farm Work NC-NC-NC
George Noton S W-M 19 S Farm Work NC-NC-NC
George Mary D W-F 16 S NC-NC-NC
George Grady S W-M 7 S NC-NC-NC

!CENSUS:1920 Cherokee Co, NC Valleytown Topton # 30
George Noten N HD M-W 29 M NC-NC-NC Contractor Cutting Wood
George Della WF F-W 23 M NC-NC-NC
Conley Alberta SD F-W 5 S NC-NC-NC
Wright Florence SL F-W 15 S NC-NC-NC
Wright Arnold BL M-W 10 S NC-NC-NC

!DEED:25 Jun 1923 Cherokee Co, NC 83-74 H.M. LUSK, Trustee for Della GEORGE and husband C.N. GEORGE of Cherokee Co, NC to Dock CARPENTER and wife Julia CARPENTER of Buncombe Co, NC for Land in Town of Andrews;

!CHILD: 2 Aug 1924 Valleytown Township, Cherokee Co, NC, Certificate # 76 Luella GEORGE, Father: C. Noten GEORGE of Topton, age 33, born Graham Co, NC, Farmer. Mother: Della C. WRIGHT of Topton, age 27, born Cherokee Co, NC, Housekeeping, born 4am. Number of children born to this mother, including present birth: 4, number still living: 4;

!CENSUS:1930 Cherokee Co, NC Valleytown pg 252 # 10/10
Charles N. George, Head, 39, M 29 NC-NC-NC Laborer Hydro Electric
Della, wife, 33 M 17 NC-NC-NC
Alberta Conley, st-dau, 15
Albert George, son, 8
Mary N. dau 7
Luella, dau 5
Rachel, dau 4 2/12
C. N. son 1 9/12;

!DEED:20 Jun 1931 Cherokee Co, NC 107-508 E.B. WRIGHT and wife Mary Sue WRIGHT of McDowell Co, NC to C.N. GEORGE and wife Della GEORGE of Cherokee Co, NC Lot # 9 of A.A. WRIGHT, estate being 21 acres;

!DEED:22 Dec 1932 Cherokee Co, NC 124-139 C.N. GEORGE and wife Della GEORGE of Cherokee Co, NC to Oden MATHESON of Cherokee Co, NC, 7 acres;

!CENSUS:1940 Cherokee Co., NC Valleytown, Topton # 120 $700 Real Property
C. N. George head 49 M NC 1935 Same place. Farmer
Della wife 43 M
Jim son 18
Mary Nell dau 17 Asst Janitor
Luella dau 15
Rachel dau 14
C. N. Jr. son 11
Richard son 9
Billy son 8/12;

!WORLD WAR I:Served in U.S. Army;

!DEATH:12 Apr 1952 proven by Death Certificate # 7870 Charles Noten GEORGE, Cherokee Co, NC, Valleytown Township, Topton, home. Residence: NC, Cherokee County, Topton, Box 112. Inside City Limits? No. Charles Noten GEORGE, Died 4-12-52, Male, White, Married, Born 11/12/1890, age 61. Occupation: Farmer. Born NC. Father: T.J. GEORGE. Mother: Elvira CARPENTER. Was deceased ever in U.S. Armed Forces: Yes. W.W.I. SSN: 237-26-7965. Informant: Mrs. C.N. GEORGE, Topton, NC. Cause: Natural Causes. Buried: Red Marble, Topton, NC. Died 7:10pm;

Nora Modenia Nichols:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's Great Grand Parent (Step, 1st wife of my ancestor.);

!CENSUS:1900 Fannin Co., GA Morganton # 87/91
Calvin Nichols head Apr 1863 37 M16 NC-NC-NC
Angelyne wife Nov 1870 29 M16 8-8 GA-NC-GA
Oscar son May 1885 15 GA-NC-GA
Enoch son Mar 1887 13
Harrison son Dec 1888 11
Monroe son Mar 1891 9
Hassey dau Nov 1893 6
Luther son Sep 1896 3
Nora dau Jan 1898 2
Dezmere dau Jan 1900 5/12;

!CENSUS:1910 Cherokee Co., NC Valleytown Topton Precinct # 448/463
Pleasant C. Nicholas Jr. head 51 M1 26 NC-NC-NC
Mary E. wife 40 M1 26 GA-VA-GA
Houston H. son 21 GA-NC-GA
James M. son 19
Luther L. son 13
Nora M. dau 11
Ethel D. dau 9
Ester J. dau 7 NC-NC-GA
David P. son 5
Florie O. dau 1 4/12 GA-NC-GA;

!NOTES:See Death Certificate for more information (North Carolina Death Certificates 1909-1975 -

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