Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Henry Hobson
Born: before 1765
Married: 15 OCT 1801 in Duplin Co, NC
Died: 1813/1818 in Wayne Co, NC
Wife: Fairlise Braddy
Born: 1770/1775 in Duplin Co, NC
Died: 1840/1850 in Wayne Co, NC
Father: Stephen Braddy
Mother: ?
Spouses: Ayers; Jacob Monk


01 (F): Mary Jane Hobson
Born: 1802/03 in Wayne Co, NC
Died: after 1850 in Smyth Co, VA
Spouses: Isaac Blizzard
02 (F): Rebecca Hobson
Born: 1807/08 in Wayne Co, NC
Died: 06 DEC 1862 in Wayne Co, NC
Spouses: Richard Roberts
03 (M): William Hobson
Born: 1812/03 in Wayne Co, NC
Died: after 1870 in Sampson Co, NC
Spouses: Nancy Jane Taylor
Additional Information

Henry Hobson:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's 5th Great Grand Parent.;



!COURT:-- Jul 1801 Duplin Co, NC Article of Agreement between Robert MERRIT Sr and Joshua BLAKE dated 23 Mar 1801. Test: Henry HOBSON, Shadrack STALLINGS;

!MARRIAGE:15 Oct 1801 Duplin Co, NC Henrey HOBSON & Fairlise AYERS, William TAYLOR, bm, William DICKSON, C.C.;

!COURT:20 Jul 1803 Duplin Co, NC Hugh McCANNE, Esquire, Sheriff of Duplin Co, NC list of Insolvents for 1802 ... Henry HOBSON, 1 Poll ...;

!WITNESS:22 Dec 1809 Wayne Co, NC Will of James PARKER;

!CENSUS:1810 Wayne Co, NC pg 836 Henry HOPSON age 45+ (bef 1765) "01001-31001";

!WITNESS: 9 Jul 1813 Wayne Co, NC Will of Sally LAWHON;

!WITNESS:14 Sep 1813 Wayne Co, NC Will of William LAWHON;

!NOTE:See case of James Parker vs. Richard Hinson, Wayne Co, NC (LexisNexis), says much about Grant, Hobson, Roberts and other familiar names. Says Smithy Grant was James Parker's illegitimate child. Says James Parker died in 1818, and that Henry Hobson died in his lifetime. Also mentions a Daniel Hobson;

Fairlise Braddy:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's 5th Great Grand Parent.;

!CENSUS:1786 * Duplin Co, NC w/Stephen BRADY no ages (bef 1786);



!MARRIAGE:15 Oct 1801 Duplin Co, NC Henrey HOBSON & Fairlise AYERS, William TAYLOR, bm, William DICKSON, C.C.;

!COURT:20 Oct 1802 Duplin Co., NC (from original record)
"Jacob Monk being convened before the court and charged on oath with begeting a bastard child upon the body of Fairlise Braddy (now Hobson). Ordered the clerk take his bond according to law."

!CENSUS:1810 Wayne Co, NC pg 836 w/Henry HOBSON age 26-44 (1765/84);

!CENSUS:1820 *

!CENSUS:1830 Wayne Co, NC pg 523 Pheriby HOBSTON age 50-59 (1770/80) "0001-01011001"

!CENSUS:1840 * Wayne Co, NC pg 230 w/William HOBSON age 70-79 (1760/70);


!NOTES from
Fairlise Braddy was born ca 1770/75 (per census analysis). She is not a proven child of Stephen Braddy, but he is the only other Braddy in the area, so he is the prime (and only) suspect.

Fairlise may have been with Stephen for the 1786 census. His census entry only showed one female with him, so it could be Fairlise, assuming that Mrs. Braddy had already died by then. No ages were given for females on that census.

Fairlise may have been with Stephen for the 1790 census. His census entry showed four females with him, so one of them could be Fairlise.

Fairlise was not listed on the 1800 census, so I don’t know where she was that year, but she was probably still in Duplin County living with other relatives.

The first two records found for Fairlise are a little confusing. If I’ve interpreted them correctly, she married a Mr. Ayers first, who died, then she married Henry Hobson, but had a child out of wedlock with Jacob Monk, and the child took the Braddy surname, so he must have been born before her marriage to Mr. Ayers. (See I told you it was confusing).

Fairlise married a Mr. Ayers (or Ayer) before 1801, or at least that is what the records seem to indicate. I have no clue who her Ayers husband was. There was a Thomas Ayers on the 1806 Duplin Tax list, but that can't be her husband, but could it be their son? Two different Thomas' showed up on the 1810 Wayne County census, one born before 1765, the other ca 1765/84. Both seem too old to be a child of Fairlise, but probably somehow related to her deceased husband. I thought she might be connected to Henry W. Ayer (1794/1800-1839) of Cumberland Co, NC (he was Clerk of Court there for a time) because he was bondsman for the marriage of her son William Hobson when he married in that county. It may just be a coincidence, but then again perhaps he is related to Fairlise's first husband somehow.

On 15 Oct 1801, Henrey Hobson obtained a marriage bond in Duplin County to marry Fairlise Ayers. William Taylor was the bondsman. Henry Hobson was born before 1765.

On 20 Oct 1802, Fairlise was named in Duplin County court. Jacob Monk was charged with "begetting a bastard child of Fairlise Braddy (now Hobson). Ordered Clerk take bond according to law". (From "Duplin County Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions Abstracts of Minutes 1798_1803 Part 5", by Leora H. McEachern, 1982)

The above record is very informative. First is shows that Fairlise’s maiden name was Braddy, and is the same person married to Henry Hobson (even though her marriage record to him gave her name as Ayers). This record further shows that she had a child out of wedlock by Jacob Monk. Since she married in 1801, the child was probably born before then.

As far as I can tell, Fairlise had one child prior to her marriage to Henry Hobson, I have tentatively assigned John Braddy (c1802) as her son perhaps by Mr. Monk but I could be wrong about that. By law, a child born out of wedlock would take the mothers name as it was at the time the child was born. If she were still unmarried when her child was born, it would have taken the Braddy surname. If she was already widowed from Mr. Ayers, when she had a child, it would take the Ayers name, even if not fathered by her late husband. As I said, I have no direct evidence that John Braddy is her child at all, but that is supposition based on him living near her other children later on. He could be a son of her possible brother Thomas Braddy instead.

Fairlise and her husband Henry Hobson moved to neighboring Wayne County, North Carolina by 1810. Fairlise died there in the 1840's.

See Henry Hobson's page for additional information on his and Fairlise's family.

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