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Husband: Robert Jordan
Born: 11 SEP 1668 in Nansemond Co, VA
Married: 09 DEC 1687 in Nansemond Co, VA
Died: 03 OCT 1728 in Nansemond Co, VA
Father: Thomas Jordan, Burgess
Mother: Margaret Brashier
Spouses: Mary Belson; Dorothy Cary
Wife: Christian Taberer
Died: 26 AUG 1689 in Nansemond Co, VA
Father: Thomas Taberer
Mother: Margaret
Spouses: LIVING
Additional Information

Robert Jordan:


!QUITRENT:1704 Nansemond Co, VA 850a;

!NAMED:28 Feb 1717 Isle of Wight Co, VA Wills & Deeds Book 2-637 Joshua JORDAN to mother-in-law Sarah SANBURNE. Wife Elizabeth, daughter Sarah, Rachel, Mary, Elizabeth, Margaret, & Susanna. Son Matthew, Joshua. Provisions for unborn child. Exec: wife and brothers Robert & Matthew. Rec: ---. Wit: Thomas COPELAND, Cornelius RATCLIFF, Henry DAVIS;

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