Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Joseph Watson
Born: 1824/05 in Onslow Co, NC
Married: 28 JAN 1851 in Onslow Co, NC
Died: 1852/1860 in Onslow Co, NC
Father: Watson
Mother: Dorcas Huffman
Wife: Sarah Jenkins
Born: 1830/01 in Onslow Co, NC
Died: after JUN 1863 in Onslow Co, NC
Father: Osborne Jenkins
Mother: Ann
Spouses: George H Jenkins
01 (M): William Henry Watson
Born: MAR 1852 in Onslow Co, NC
Died: about 1902/03 in Columbus Co, NC
Spouses: Mary E Ward; Mary Catherine Davis


Additional Information

Joseph Watson:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's 3rd Great Grand Father.;

!NOTES:I have tentatively identified a widow Darcus Watson of 1830 Onslow as Joseph's mother. This is highly theoretical at the moment, based on census analysis and that I have DNA matches with some of her Foster descendants (2nd husband apparently Henry Foster). See her record for more info.;

!NOTES:Once upon a time I theorized that Joseph Watson (c1825) was a son of Asa Watson who did have sons about his age according to the 1830 and 1840 census. However, I have since discovered the positive identities of those sons, and unfortunately Joseph isn't one of them. That leaves Joseph's parents unknown at this time.

Joseph Watson was residing with Asa Sadbury (c1804) and Lucrisa Sadbury (c1804) in 1850, perhaps Lucrisa is his mother, and Sadbury (Sidbury) his step-father. This is a theory only, but I have found little else to go on.

It is possible that Joseph wasn't from Onslow originally and was born in a nearby county and just moved to Onslow by 1850.;

!CENSUS:1830 x
* There were only two Watson households in Onslow in 1830, Asa Watson and Darcas Watson (an apparent widow). Asa had one son aged 5-9 (c1820/25), who isn't Joseph. Darcus had one son under 5 (c1825/30) who is unidentified. It certainly COULD be Joseph, but I have no way to know if it is.
In neighboring Carteret County we have Moses Watson (c1778) with two sons, one ca 1820/25, one ca 1825/30, either of whom could be Joseph, since neither is currently identified.
In Craven County to the north there is Dennis Watson (c1790/94) with one son 1820/25, unidentified.
In Duplin County to the west there is Bright Watson (c1803) with one male ca 1825/30. Bright has a proven son named Joseph H. Watson (c1845) so he isn't my Joseph's father.
In Jones County (borders Onslow to the north) there is Nancy B. Watson (probably widow of Ivy Watson) with one male ca 1820/25. Ivy has a proven son named Joseph H. Watson who moved to Mississippi, so not ours. Im not 100% certain that Nancy B. Watson is Ivys widow though, so she is still a possible match.
In New Hanover County (borders to the south) there is John Watson (1780/90) with one male born ca 1825/30. ;

!CENSUS:1840 x
* There are are three Watson households in Onslow: Jeremiah (no children at home), John and Asa. John has no sons Joseph's age or close. Asa has 1 boy 15-19 (c1820/25) who is already proven to be someone else, leaving no Watson household for Joseph.
Moving to neighboring counties in 1840 there is Moses Watson (1778) in Carteret with one boy 15-19 (1820/25).
In Craven there is Dennis Watson (1790/94) with one male born ca 1820/25, unidentified.
Bright Watson of 1830 Duplin was gone by 1840 (in Marion Co., GA).
Nancy B., widow of Ivy Watson had remarried (to James Padrick) and moved to Holmes Co., MS by 1840.
Finally, John Watson of 1830 New Hanover was nowhere to be found in 1840.;

!CENSUS:1850 Onslow Co, NC Stump Sound # 353/353
Asa Sadbury, 46, M, Farmer, $325 NC
Lucresa, 46, F
Serena Elizabeth, 19, F,
Loucresa, 18, F
Mary Magdalin, 14, F
Samuel, 12, M
Winaford, 8, F
Joseph Watson, 25, M, Farmer
Amos Walton, 15, M
Harritt Stuart, 20, F

* Joseph Watson could be a son of Lucretia Sidbury, if she had been previously married to a Mr. Watson. Her oldest Sidbury child was 6 years younger than Joseph so the timing would work. I haven't been able to find out much about the Asa Sidbury family so far. It is also possible that Joseph was a hired laborer, and of no relation to the Sidbury family. I found the Sidbury's on the 1840 census in Onslow. They had no males in their household Joseph's age. Therefore I kind of doubt Lucretia is Joseph Watsons mother, but she could be an aunt or other relation possibly, or Asa an uncle. More research may sort that out.;

!MARRIAGE BOND:28 Jan 1851 Onslow Co., NC
Joseph Watson & Sarah Jinkins
Joseph Ennett, bm
Jasper Etheridge, wit;

!CENSUS:1860 x
x Apparently deceased, as wife and young son living with her parents.;

Sarah Jenkins:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's 3rd Great Grand Mother.;

!CENSUS:1830 Onslow Co., NC pg 228 Ozen Jenkins age 20-29 (1800/10)
Analysis (Who each person might be):
1m 20-29 (1800/1810) Osborne Jenkins (c1803)
1m 5-9 (1820/1825).. James M. Jenkins (c1825) son
1m 0-4 (1825/1830).. John Jenkins (c1829) son
1f 5-9 (1820/1825).. Daughter?
2f 0-4 (1825/1830).. Daughter?
.................... Daughter? Sarah was b. ca 1830/31.
* Note that there is no apparent wife in the household.;

!CENSUS:1840 Onslow Co., NC pg 144 Ausborn Jinkins age 20-29 (1810/20)
Analysis (Who each person might be):
1m 20-29 (1810/1820) Osborne Jenkins (c1803)
1m 10-14 (1825/1830) John Jenkins (c1829) son
1m 5-9 (1830/1835).. Lewis R. Jenkins (c1834) son
2m 0-4 (1835/1840).. Uzza Jenkins (c1838) son
.................... William Henry Jenkins (c1840) son
1f 60-69 (1780/1790) Mother? Mother-in-law?
1f 40-49 (1790/1800) Ann (---) Jenkins (c1804) wife
1f 10-14 (1825/1830) Daughter?
2f 5-9 (1830/1835).. Sarah J. Jenkins (c1831) daughter
.................... Zilpha Ann Jenkins (1835) daughter
1f 0-4 (1835/1840).. Daughter? ;

!CENSUS:1850 Onslow Co, NC Stump Sound # 355
Ousza Jenkins, 47, M, Farmer, $300 NC
Amy, 46, F
John Jenkins, 21, M, Farmer
Sarrah, 19, F
Lewis, 16, M, Farmer
Uza, 12, M
Henry, 10, M
Milly, 8, F;

!MARRIAGE BOND:28 Jan 1851 Onslow Co., NC
Joseph Watson & Sarah Jinkins
Joseph Ennett, bm
Jasper Etheridge, wit;

!NAMED:Sep Term 1856 Onslow Co, NC Estate of Osborne JENKINS. Amia JENKINS, widow of Osborne JENKINS, who died 1852, leaving heirs James JENKINS, Elizabeth CANNADY, Sarah PARKER, Lewis JENKINS, Auza JENKINS, Henry JENKINS, and Milly JENKINS, last three minors.;

!NAMED: 4 Jun 1857 Onslow Co, NC Estate of Osborne JENKINS. Died Feb 1856, Anne JENKINS, widow, heirs James JENKINS, Elizabeth CANADY, Sarah PACKER, Lewis JENKINS, Auza JENKINS, Henry JENKINS, and Milly JENKINS, the last three minors.;

!CENSUS:1860 Onslow Co, NC Stump Sound, Golden Place PO # 68/68
Ann Jenkins, 50, F, Farmeress, $100/100 NC
Uzza, 22, M, Farm Laborer
Wm H. 20, M, " "
Milly A., 19, F
S. J. Watson, 30, F, Spinster
Wm H. 8, M;

!MARRIAGE BOND: 2 Sep 1862 Onslow Co., NC
George H. Jenkins & Sarah Watson
Jerre W. Yopp, bm
Married 14 Sep 1862 by B. W. Jenkins;

!NAMED:June Term 1863 Onslow Co, NC Estate of Anne JENKINS. William R. KING, Administrator of Anne JENKINS, vs Sarah JENKINS, James JENKINS, Uzza JENKINS, et al, heirs of Anne JENKINS. Anne died 20 May 1862, died leaving these heirs: James JENKINS, Sarah JENKINS, Uzza JENKINS, William H. JENKINS, Milly PRESCOTT, wife of William PRESCOTT and William Ellis JENKINS (infant);

!CENSUS:1870 x

!NAMED-MARRIAGE LICENSE:21 May 1875 New Hanover Co., NC
William Henry Watson, of Federal Point, 23, white, son of Joseph Watson and Sarah Watson living at Federal Point
& Miss Mary E. Ward of Federal Point, 28, white, d/o William Ward and Patience Ward living at Brunswick Co, NC
Married 23 May 1875 by Jacob H. Horn, JP at Federal Point Township
at house of Sam Motts.
Wit: Sam Mott, H. L. Horne, C. Little? all of Federal Point
* The above record indicates Sarah was alive in 1875 living at Federal Point Township, New Hanover Co., NC;

!CENSUS:1880 x

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