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Husband: John Turner Bryson
Born: 1808 in Haywood Co, NC
Married: 1820/1830 in Haywood Co, NC
Died: 1870 in CO
Father: William Bryson
Mother: Elizabeth Turner
Spouses: Eleanor McMinn
Wife: Susan Redmond
Born: 1810/1815 in Buncombe Co, NC
Died: about 1840 in Union Co, GA
Father: John Redmond
Mother: Elizabeth Peek
01 (F): E Martha Bryson
Born: 1830 in Macon Co, NC
02 (M): William Washington Bryson
Born: 20 SEP 1831 in Macon Co, NC
Died: 19 AUG 1912 in Prescott, AZ
03 (F): Abigail Bryson
Born: about 1833 in Macon Co, NC
Died: CHILD in Macon Co, NC
04 (M): Moultrie Bryson
Born: 1836 in Union Co, GA
05 (M): Socrates Bryson
Born: 1839 in Union Co, GA
Additional Information

John Turner Bryson:


!CENSUS:1810 * Haywood Co, NC pg 58 w/William BRYSON, data unreadable;

!CENSUS:1820 Haywood Co, NC pg 213 w/William BRYSON age 0-9 (1810/20);

!CENSUS:1830 Macon Co, NC pg 23 John BRYSON age 20-29 (1800/10)

!WITNESS:19 Dec 1834 Macon Co, NC A-248 John MURRY to John REDMAN, both of Macon. Wit: Daniel COOK, John F. BRYSON;

!POLL:1835 Macon Co, NC Franklin Precinct John T. BRYSON;

!CENSUS:1840 Union Co, GA pg 7 John T. BRYSON, age 30-39 (1800/10)

!DEED:10 Sep 1844 Macon Co, NC E-4 Elizabeth BRYSON, Mary MURRY, Jefferson BRYSON, John T. BRYSON, John PHILLIPS and wife Elizabeth, William BRYSON & Joseph BRYSON to Elijah KIMZEY for $850, certain tracts that belonged to William BRYSON, decd on Sugarfork River between Ellijah and Nickajack, 50a, 48a. S: Elizabeth Bryson, Joseph Bryson, William (X) Bryson, Mary (X) Murry, John T. Bryson, Jefferson Bryson, John Phillips, Elizabeth Phillips. Wit: Peter McCLURE, Henry BARRONY as to J.T. BRYSON. George McCLURE as to Joseph BRYSON. J.R. SILER as Phillips & wife.;


!CENSUS:1860 * Fannin Co, GA pg 1047 # 562 John T. BRYSON, 50 (1809/10) born NC;

Susan Redmond:


!CENSUS:1820 Buncombe Co, NC pg 125 w/John REDMOND age 0-9 (1810/20);
CENSUS:1830 Macon Co, NC pg 23 w/John BRYSON age 15-19 (1810/15);
CENSUS:1840 Union Co, GA pg 7 w/John T. BRYSON age 20-29 (1810/20);

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