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Husband: Thomas Salter
Born: before 1790 in Monmouth Co, NJ
Married: before 1790 in Philadelphia, PA
Died: 1790 in Philedelphia, PA
Father: Salter
Mother: ?
Spouses: Susannah
Wife: Sarah
Additional Information

Thomas Salter:


!DEED:19 & 20 Feb 1768 Mecklenburg Co, NC 4-430 Peter HARPER of Tenecum Township, Bucks Co, PA, Yeoman, to Thomas SALTER of City of Philadelphia, Merchant, 600a south side south fork Cataba River, north side south fork of Fishing Creek and another tract, 120a north fork Indian Creek. Wit: Peter KNIGHT, James MOOR, John BRITTON, Thomas BRITTON;

!DEED:23 Apr 1782 Lincoln Co, NC 2-679 Thomas SALTER of Philadelphia, Merchant to John COXE of Middlesex County, NJ, Yeoman, John COXE is half brother of said Thomas SALTER and to (deed to) Aaron COXE, Paul COXE, Elisha COXE, Elijah COXE, sons of said John COXE. Land on North side of South Fork Catawba River, south branch of Fishers Creek. Witness Rachel COXE, Nancy COXE, R. WHITEHEAD.;

!DEED:25 May 1787 Lincoln Co, NC 14-130 Thomas SALTER, Merchant of Northern Liberties of Philadelphia, PA to Isaiah LIMING, tanner, formerly of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey, but now Lincoln Co, NC. 210a Indian Creek. Wit: Vallentine MAUNEY, R. WHITEHEAD;

!DEED:30 May 1787 Lincoln Co, NC 14-128 Thomas SALTER, Merchant of Northern Liberties of Philadelphia, PA to John COXE, yeoman, and brother by the mother's side of Thomas SALTER formerly of New Jersey, but now Lincoln Co, NC. 210a lately granted to nephew Isaiah LIMING. Wit: Vallentine MAUNEY, R. WHITEHEAD;

CENSUS:1790 * Not in NC;

!WILL:21 May 1790 Thomas SALTER. Executor: Nephew Thomas BRITTON, friends Peter KNIGHT, Charles WHARTON, Richard WHITEHEAD. Step Brother John COX now
living in NC. wife Susanna. (In codicil dated 21 May 1790, wife Susanna
had died, new wife Sarah). brother-in-law Thomas LEMING. sister Mary
LEMING, Meribah ROBBINS, now living in NJ. Niece Sarah WILLIAMSON. Nephew
John BRITTON, son of my late sister Hannah BRITTON. To his (John
BRITTON's) sister Sarah WILLIAMSON, his sister Rebecca FLEESON (John
BRITTON's sister). My sister Mary LEAMING, and to each of her six
children, John, Thomas, Ephraim, Hannah, Lucy and Ossa. Now of Upper
Freehold, Monmouth Co, NJ. To my brother John COX, each of his 10
children, Aaron, Paul, Elijah, Elisha, Rebecca, Mary, Rache, Anne,
Elizabeth and Susanna. Sister Sarah LEAMING, her three daughters Rebecca,
Meribah and Sarah. Her son Isaiah, now in NC. Sister Meribah ROBBINS, wife
of Joseph ROBBINS. To her 5 sons Jacob, Thomas, John, Ezekial and Samuel.
To her three married daughters Priscilla, Sarah and Susannah, and her
daughter Rebecca. Niece Rachel WOOLMAN, wife of Asher WOOLMAN. cousin
Richard DOUGLAS, to his sister Lydia, his brother John, his sister Sarah.
To Mary CHANCELLOR, who lives with me and attends on my wife. To Jane
BROWN, wife of John BROWN. Friend Richard WHITEHEAD. After deceased of my
wife, divided among Sarah WILLIAMSON, Rebecca FLEESON, Rebecca ROBBINS,
and Mary ROBBINS;
CODICIL:21 May 1790 Philadelphia, PA Thomas SALTER. my wife Susannah has died,
I have since intermarried my wife Sarah.

!DEED:22 May 1790 Lincoln Co, NC 16-330 Thomas SALTER, Merchant, Northern Liberties of City of Philadelphia, PA. On 19 & 20 Feb 1768 Peter HARPELL sold to Thomas SALTER, 420a in Anson, now Lincoln Co, NC, on North Fork Indian Creek, and was given to cousin Isaiah LIMING, and Step Brother John COX. 25 May 1787 South part 210a to Isaiah LIMING and on 30 May 1787 North part 210a to John COX. This deed to resolve border dispute. Wit: Arthur GRAHAM, Richard WHITEHEAD;

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