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Husband: James Henry Anderson
Born: 10 OCT 1861 in Cherokee Co, NC
Married: 29 MAY 1890 in CO
Died: 17 JUN 1907 in Laveta, Huerfano Co, CO
Father: Charles M Anderson
Mother: Mercilla Jane Patterson
Wife: Minnie Elmira Ownbey
Born: 29 JUL 1873 in CO
Died: 24 FEB 1924 in Portland, Multnomah Co, OR
01 (F): Hazel Frances Anderson
Born: 20 DEC 1894 in Rouse, Huerfano Co, CO
Spouses: Paul Eby Anderson
Additional Information

James Henry Anderson:


!CENSUS:1870 Huerfano Co, CO The Valley of the Huerfano River and Tributaries
St. Mary's PO # 22/22
Charles Anderson 33 Farm Tenant $0/0 GA
Millia 30
James 8 NC
Florence 7 GA
Victoria 3 NC
John Franklin 8/12. Oct. NC;

!CENSUS:1880 Huerfano Co., CO:
They were still in Huerfano for the 1880 census, in Saint Clara Township: Charles Anderson 42 Farmer GA-NC-NC; Marcella J. 38 wife, GA-NC-NC; James 18 son NC-GA-NC; Florence 17 dau GA-GA-NC; Victory 14 dau NC-GA-NC; Samuel 7 son CO-NC-NC.

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