Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Needham Watson
Born: before 1765
Died: after 1824 in Marion Dist, SC
Father: Samuel Watson
Mother: ?
Spouses: Deer; ?
Wife: Martha Turner
Born: 1784/1790 in Georgetown Dist, SC (now Dillon Co, SC)
Died: after 1840 in Marion Dist, SC
Father: Reuben Turner
Mother: Dorothy Martin
Spouses: ?; John Martin
01 (M): Martin M Turner
Born: 1819/1820 in Marion Dist, SC
Died: 04 JAN 1890 in Marion Co, SC (now Dillon Co, SC)
Spouses: Eliza
Additional Information

Needham Watson:


(1) I'm not related to this person. But I'm interested in all Watsons in Eastern NC/SC to some extent.
(2) This person is an uncle/aunt of my uncle Ben Franklin Meggs.


!CENSUS:1790 Georgetown Dist, SC Prince George Parish pg 56 Needum WATSON age 16+
(bef 1774) "1-1-1-0-0";


!CENSUS:1810 Marion Dist, SC pg 86 Needham WATSON age 45+ (bef 1765)

!TAXLIST:1811 Marion Dist, SC Needham WATSON $0.90;

!TAXLIST:1814 Marion Dist, SC Needom WATSON $0.36;


!TAXLIST:1824 Marion Dist, SC Nedom WATSON $0.18;


!REFERENCE: A History of Marion County, South Carolina From Its Earliest Times to the Present, 1901, by W. W. Sellers, Esq., of the Marion Bar. 1902. pp. 199-206
The father, old man Barney, had two brothers, Needham and Thomas; I do not know what became of Thomas. Needham Watson married and had a family—at least, one son, named Wickham, who lived in the Temperance Hill neighborhood. Wickham married and had a family, how many is unknown ; one son, named Kerigan—what became of him is unknown; he was not remarkable for his beauty ; if there had been such a club as an "Ugly Club," he would have stood a fair chance to have been its president. Wickham Watson was a remarkable man physically, in respect to which the writer will say nothing. ;

Martha Turner:


!NOTE:Proven daughter of Reuben Turner by 1860 Court Record pertaining to her son Martin Turner;

!CENSUS:1790 Georgetown District, SC Prince George Parish pg 52 w/Ruben TURNER no ages (bef 1790);
!CENSUS:1800 Marion Dist, SC pg 806 w/Reuben TURNER age ?, Family listed as 6 Free Colored;
!CENSUS:1810 Marion Dist, SC pg 79 w/Reubin TURNER age 16-25 (1784/94);
!CENSUS:1820 Marion Dist, SC pg 67 Martha TURNER age 26-44 (1775/94) "310000-10020";
!CENSUS:1830 Marion Dist, SC pg 48 w/Reubin TURNER age 40-49 (1780/90);
!CENSUS:1840 Marion Dist, SC pg 140 Martha TURNER age 50-59 (1780/90) "11111-10001001";


!COURT:31 Oct 1860 Marion County Court of Common Pleas. Martin W. TURNER, Relator vs N.C McDUFFIE, Shff, declaration in Prohibition. John BLACKMAN Sr and James LANE Sr say they knew John TURNER alias Jack TURNER and he was a free man, a mulatto, one half white and half colored, that Patience TURNER his wife passed and was received as white not having more than one fourth Negro blood. That Reuben TURNER was one of their children, and passed and received as white man, married Dolly MARTIN a free white woman with no negro blood, that Martha TURNER alias Patty TURNER was one of their children and passed and received as free white woman, that Martin TURNER who is her so is reported son of Needham WATSON a white man of no mixture. (much more);

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