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Husband: William R Owens
Born: SEP 1846 in Marion Dist, SC
Married: after 1860 in Marion Co, SC
Father: Nelson Owens
Mother: Mary
Wife: Effa Edwards
Born: 1840/1841 in Marion Dist, SC
Father: Samuel Edwards
Mother: Martha Martin
Additional Information

William R Owens:


1850 Marion Co, SC # 717/720
Nelson OWENS, 32
Mary, 26
William, 4
Elizabeth, 3
Lucy, 6/12

1860 Marion Co, SC # 2134
Nelson OWENS, 41
Mary, 38
William, 11
Elizabeth, 9
Ann, 7
Solomon, 5
Sarah, 4
Catherine, 2
Jane, 1



!CENSUS:1900 Marion Co, SC Reaves pg 300B # 103/103 *;

Effa Edwards:


!CENSUS:1840 Marion Dist, SC pg 147 w/Samuel EDWARDS age 0-4 (1835/40);

!CENSUS:1850 Marion Dist., SC # 937/942
Samuel Edwards 36 Farmer $1000 Marion
Martha 40
Jane 18
Solomon 16
Rebecca 14
Effa 9
Matthew 7
Ann 5
David 1;

CENSUS:1860 Marion Dist, SC Marion Twp # 1248 Effy (f) EDWARDS, 20 (1839/40)
born SC;

!REFERENCE: A History of Marion County, South Carolina From Its Earliest Times to the Present, 1901, by W. W. Sellers, Esq., of the Marion Bar. 1902. pp. 185-189
Samuel Edwards, the third son of "Gold-headed Dick," married a Miss Martin, sister of Matthew, Jr., and the late Aaron Martin; he lived and died in the Fork, and raised a family, how many the writer does not know ; he was a prosperous and excellent man. He had a son, Renselaer, who died some years ago, and left a family -the number is not known, nor do I know who the mother was. He has another son, David S. Edwards, now a prominent and prosperous farmer in the Fork he has a large family of sons and daughters ; I think his wife was a Miss Carmichael. D. S. Edwards is an enterprising and public-spirited man; he is doing a good part by his children in the way of education ; one of his sons, G. Emory Edwards, graduated in Wofford College recently with distinction ; since his graduation he has been teaching at Dothan, and gives full satisfaction to his patrons. D. S. Edwards has two daughters, promising girls and graduates of the Winthrop Female College ; he is doing abundantly better for his children than those of the former generations. It is greatly to be wished that we had many more like him with regard to education. Another son of Samuel Edwards was Solomon, who died many years ago; he married a daughter of Joseph B. Hays and left one daughter, who is now the wife of Kirkland Fort. Samuel Edwards had a daughter, Civil, who married Daniel W. Carmichael, and they have raised a numerous family of sons and daughters, who will be further noticed when we come to speak of the Carmichaels. Samuel Edwards, I think, had another daughter, who married an Owens, in the Fork; nothing is known of them. ;

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