Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Robert Rodes, Captain
Born: 03 NOV 1760 in Albermarle Co, VA
Married: 30 MAY 1782 in Orange Co, VA
Died: 20 NOV 1818 in Richmond, Madison Co, KY
Wife: Eliza Dulaney
Born: 28 FEB 1759 in Culpeper Co, VA
Died: 31 JAN 1803 in KY
Father: John Delaney
Mother: Frances Stanton
Additional Information

Robert Rodes, Captain:


!NOTE:From Joseph Dulaney GEDCOM;

Eliza Dulaney:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's 6th Great Grand Aunt.;


!CENSUS:1790 * Lost for VA;

!NAMED:28 Apr 1800 Madison Co, VA WIll Book 1 page 409 Will of John Delaney. "... my children Sarah Graves, Marah Eddins, Joseph Delany, Elizabeth Pemberton, John Delaney, Frances Furniss, Jane Miller, Margaret Trimble, William Delaney, ELIZA ROADS and Diannah Offil (deceased) to be equally divided among


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