Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Bunneter Roberts
Born: 1745/1761 in Carteret Co, NC
Married: before 1774 in Carteret Co, NC
Father: Richard Roberts
Mother: Miriam Houston
Wife: Williams
Additional Information

Bunneter Roberts:


!NAMED:14 Dec 1761 Carteret Co, NC Will of Richard ROBERTS, as "daughter Bunneter (under 16);

!NAMED:-- Jan 1774 Carteret Co, NC Wills. In the name of God Amen, I Moses
HOUSTON, of Carteret County, being sick and weak of body, but of sound and
disposing mind .. To my wife Margret, the plantation whereon I now live for
her widowhood, and then to Grandson Houston ROBERTS. To daughter Meriam WEST,
my plantation on Whitock River. Bequests to my granddaughters Jemima DUDLEY,
Bonita WILLIAMS,, Fannie DUDLEY, and Sarah MADDOX. Executors: Bazel SMITH,.
Brice WILLIAMS and Micajah FRAZIER. Witness: James MEAD, William RAMSEY,
Palsey JACOBS;

!REFERENCE:"Roberts-Allen Families" by Merrit E. Roberts, Phd, Lompoc, CA 1985";

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