Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Alexander Hicks
Married: after 1800 in Jones Co, NC
Died: 1807 in Jones Co, NC
Wife: Elizabeth Watson
Born: 1755/1774 in Carteret Co, NC
Father: Jeremiah Watson
Mother: Elizabeth Houston
Spouses: Francis Mundine
Additional Information

Elizabeth Watson:


!CENSUS:1790 Jones Co, NC pg 143 w/Francis MUNDINE no ages (bef 1790);

!NAMED:18 Jan 1791 Jones Co, NC Will A-100 Jeremiah WATSON, as "son-in-law Francis MUNDINE", his wife not named, so possibly deceased. Must be Elizabeth WATSON;

!CENSUS:1800 * Jones Co, NC pg 779 Elisabeth MUNDINE age 26-44 (1755/74) "11000-11010-0-3";


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