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Husband: Cyrus B Haselden
Born: 1833/04 in Marion Dist, SC
Married: 1850/1856 in Marion Dist, SC
Died: after 1850 in Marion Dist, SC
Father: John Haselden
Mother: Elizabeth Godbold
Spouses: Sarah Finklea
Wife: Lebanon M Bass
Born: 1831/02 in Marion Dist, SC
Died: 1850/1856 in Marion Dist, SC
Father: Joseph R Bass
Mother: Mercy Crawford
01 (F): Lebanon Haselden
Born: 1850/1856 in Marion Dist, SC
Additional Information

Cyrus B Haselden:


!NOTES:According to Sellers, Cyrus abandaned his family and went to Arkansas;

!CENSUS:1850 Marion Dist., SC # 23/24
David Monroe 36 Farmer $5000 GA
Finetta 26 Marion
Hugh 20 None
Cyrus 16 "
James 14
Martha 16
Franklin 11;

!NAMED-EQUITY ROLL # 116 Marion Dist., SC 8 May 1854 William Haselden
Stephen G. Godbold and wife Elizabeth vs William Haseldeon et all. Bill for partition and relief ...
On 5 Dec 1811 William Haseldeon exec his Will and soon died leaving widow Mary who afterwards married John Fore, whom she also survived and the following children:
John Haselden (see below)
Anna Brown afterwards Anna Bacot wife of Cyrus Bacot who survived her
James Haselden died prior to his mother
William B Haselden
Mary Cox wife of William Cox. (Mary died leaving dau Sarah wife of Asa Godbold.)
and the oratrix Elizabeth Godbold
Mary died Feb 1854
John d. 1834 intest. leaving widow Elizabeth and children Jane now wife of C. D. Evans, Hugh G. Haselden, Cyrus B. Haselden a minor.
Widow Elizabeth married David Monroe and died leaving husband and two other children (minors) James and Franklin Monroe.
Ann wife of Cyrus Bacot of Darlington died about 185- without issue.
William B. Haselden died about 184- int leaving widow Sarah and children John, James, Caroline Elizabeth who has married J. F. Killen, William Edward a minor, Stephen a minor, Mary who married P. P. Wheeler and who died before her mother leaving husband and an infant child Mary, and Sarah who married A. L. Gregg and died leaving infant child July surviving.;

!NAMED-PROBATE ROLL # 1031 Marion Dist., SC Hugh Godbold
F. A. Miles, Exec. Will dated 11 Jul 1859 ...
wife Rhoda
to Stephen G. Godbold
heirs of Ann Miles wife fo F. A. Miles
my sister Sarah Ann Evans wife of Gen. N. Evans
sister M. Jane Haselden
to Sarah Evans wife of C. D. Evans, Hugh G. Haselden, Cyrus B. Haselden, James Monroe, and Franklin Monroe children of my decd sister Elizabeth Monroe.
my brother John M. Godbold and his son James.
to Sarah Conner (NRS)
... $2000 to be applied for building of Pretestant Episcopal Church at Marion Court House ...
... more in file ...;

!CENSUS:1860 Marion Dist, SC # 325
Sarah, 24, AL
Lucinda, 4, SC
John, 2;

Lebanon M Bass:


!CENSUS:1840 Marion Dist, SC pg 182 w/Joseph BASS age 5-9 (1830/35);

!CENSUS:1850 Marion Dist, SC # 1262 Lebanon BASS, 18 (1831/32) born Marion;

!REFERENCE:"A History of Marion County, South Carolina" by W.W. Sellers, Esq. 1902. Pg 225 - 232;

(01) Lebanon Haselden:



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