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Husband: Evander J Moody
Born: 17 APR 1825 in Marion Dist, SC
Married: before 1848 in Marion Dist, SC
Died: 07 DEC 1903 in Marion Co, SC
Father: Barfield Moody
Mother: Sarah Crawford
Spouses: Martha Jane Tart
Wife: Florence Smith
Born: in Marion Dist, SC
Died: 1848/1850 in Marion Dist, SC
Father: Samuel Smith; Samuel Smith
Mother: Sarah Hays; Sarah Hays
01 (F): Sarah Florence Moody
Born: 1848/09 in Marion Dist, SC
Spouses: James C Mullins, Dr
Additional Information

Evander J Moody:


!CENSUS:1830 Marion Dist, SC pg 34 w/Barfield MOODY age 5-9 (1820/25);

!CENSUS:1840 Marion Dist, SC pg 161 w/B. MOODY age 15-19 (1820/25);

!CENSUS:1850 X Not found in Marion *;

!NAMED-PROBATE ROLL # 1142 Marion Co., SC Susannah Tart 1853
Petition of Mrs. E. Kirven and Dr. Willis Fore sheweth that Mrs. Susannah Tart lately died intestate ... letters of adm. ... 11 Aug 1853
13 Aug 1853 Evander J. Moody and Martha Jane Moody, she being child of intestate request being appointed adms.
1 Aug 1840 Susannah Tart and Edward B. Wheeler for $1 and love and affection to my daughter Cherry Finklea and her daughter Sarah J. F. Finklea and any other children she may hereafter have ... [Cherry] wife of J. C. Finklea, their dauthter Sarah Jane Finklea

!NAMED:27 Sep 1855 Marion Co, SC Equity Roll # 247, page 81, Susanna Tart.
Children: Martha J. Tart wife of Evander J. Moody; Susannah Brown, deceased; Mary Tart, deceased, wife of Willis Finklea; Sarah Tart, deceased, wife of --- Inman; Elizabeth Tart, wife of Alfred Kirven and later Elias Townsend. Nathan J. Tart, deceased;
Grandchildren: Mary E. Brown wife of Samuel S. Lamb, William Henry Brown Jr, children of Susannah Tart who married William Henry Brown Sr;
Aquilla Finklea, John H. Finklea and --- Finklea wife of Joseph Packer, children of Mary Tart, and Willis Finklea;
William Inman, son of Sarah Inman, deceased;

!CENSUS:1860 Marion Dist, SC # 1670
E. J. (m) MOODY, 35
M. J. (f), 41
S. F. (f), 11
V. (f) 7
M. (m) 5
Thomas E., 3
E. C. (m) 1
Robert LESTER, 16
Mary, 18;

!EQUITY: 5 Jan 1864 Marion Co, SC Equity Roll # 374 - Mrs. Susannah Tart, deceased, widow of Enos Tart, deceased.
Heirs named:
Son Nathan J. Tart, daughters Martha J. Lyster (as of 27 Jun 1851), and Elizabeth Kirven (as of 27 Jun 1851). Nathan J. Tart died 185-, Susannah died 185-, Martha J. Lyster since married Evander J. Moody.
Grandchildren: William Inman, minor, out of state, son of Sarah, a deceased daughter;
Mary E. Lamb, wife of Samuel T. Lamb and ddaughter of Susan Lamb deceased daughter, and William Lamb, minor, residents of Mississippi; Aquilla Finkilea, Hardy Finklea, Mary Jane Paker, wife of Joseph Packer, children of Mary Finklea;

!CENSUS:1870 Marion Co, SC Moody # 48
Evander MOODY, 45 SC
Martha, 52
Florence, 18
Frances, 14
Margaret, 13
Thomas, 11
Edgar, 7
Mary LESTER, 25
Ben WILLIAMS, Clerk;

!CENSUS:1880 Marion Co, SC Moody # 183
Evander J. MOODY, 55 (1824/25) born SC/SC/SC
Martha J., 60 wife
Margret, 22 dau
Egar C., 20 son
Janie E. McINTYRE, 5, gra-dau;

!REFERENCE: A History of Marion County, South Carolina From Its Earliest Times to the Present, 1901, by W. W. Sellers, Esq., of the Marion Bar. 1902. pp. 193-197

Tart ...
Jane Tart, the youngest daughter of old Enos Tart, married another Brown, of the same family; he soon after died, leaving no offspring; the widow again married Humphrey Lester; the results of this marriage were two children-a daughter, Mary, now the wife of M. Stackhouse, and a son, Robert H. Lester, now among us, with an increasing family; he married a Miss Proctor, of Little Rock. Soon after the birth of these two children, Humphrey Lester died, and Jane became a widow the second time; she again married our esteemed fellow-citizen, E. J. Moody ; the fruits of this latter marriage were two sons, Thomas E. and Neill C. Moody, and two daughters. Thomas E. married a Miss Little, daughter of the Rev. L. M. Little ; he soon died childless. Neill C. Moody never married, died three or four years ago. The daughters, Virginia and Maggie, both married. Virginia married Douglas Mclntyre, of Marion- noble woman she was ; she died some years ago, leaving three or four children, the oldest of whom, Janie, married Robert Proctor ; they have left the State. Mclntyre married again, a Miss Fore, and has his first children with him now, except Janie. Maggie Moody married Dr. D. I. Watson; they removed to Southport, N. C, have several children, and are said to be doing well. It may be truthfully said of Mrs. Jane Moody, who died some years ago, that she was the excellent of the earth ; high-toned, and above all had a good and kind heart, beloved by all who knew her ; and if any of her children or grand-children should turn out badly, it will not be the fault or failings of the mother; she left an influence that will tell upon her offspring sooner or later.;

!REFERENCE:"A History of Marion County, South Carolina" by W.W. Sellers, Esq. 1902. Pg 330 - 342;

Florence Smith:


!REFERENCE:"A History of Marion County, South Carolina" by W.W. Sellers, Esq.
1902. Pg 492 - 502;

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