Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: James Holland Norton
Born: AUG 1857 in Marion Dist, SC
Married: after 1880 in Marion Co, SC
Died: after 1900 in Marion Co, SC
Father: Alexander "Sandy" Norton
Mother: Priscilla Lane
Wife: Melissa Laura Lane
Born: 1856/07 in Marion Dist, SC
Father: John O Lane, Pvt
Mother: Margaret Sweat
01 (M): Clemon Monroe Norton
Born: APR 1882 in Marion Co, SC
Died: after 1930 in Halifax Co, NC
Spouses: Daisy Lou Ella West
02 (F): Sallie Norton
Born: FEB 1886 in Marion Co, SC
03 (M): Sandy Norton
Born: JAN 1888 in Marion Co, SC
04 (M): Rufus Norton
Born: APR 1890 in Marion Co, SC
05 (M): Holland Norton
Born: FEB 1895 in Marion Co, SC
Additional Information

James Holland Norton:


!CENSUS:1860 Marion Dist, SC Marion Twp # 1334 Holland NORTON, 3 (1856/57) born SC;

!CENSUS:1870 Marion Co, SC Moody's Twp # 178 James? NORTON, 12 (1857/58) born SC;

!CENSUS:1880 Marion Co, SC Moody # 77
James H. NORTON, 22
Pracilia, 52, mother, widow;

!REFERENCE: A History of Marion County, South Carolina From Its Earliest Times to the Present, 1901, by W. W. Sellers, Esq., of the Marion Bar. 1902. pp. 386-395
Osborne Lane married a Miss Crawford, a sister of old James Crawford, of Spring Branch-I suppose, older than her brother. The Crawfords were quite respectable in that day and have continued to be so down to the present time. The fruits of the marriage, as known, were eight sons, John, Thomas, Alexander, James, Robert, David, Stephen and William, and two daughters, Kesiah and Elizabeth.
James C. Lane, I think, the youngest son of old Osborne, was a most excellent man and a good citizen ; he married a Miss Lee, daughter of old John Lee, on the north side of Buck Swamp, and settled on Catfish, just opposite Latta ; he had and raised four sons, James C, Jr., Crawford, John O. and Stephen L. Lane, and four daughters, Hapsey, Sarah Anne, Orphea and Priscilla. Of the sons, James C, Jr., married a daughter of old William Bryant, a sister of the late John M. Bryant; he had and raised one son, David, and one daughter. The son married some one to the writer unknown ; he has a large family of sons and daughters, several grown; he lives in Kirby Township. The daughter married Peter McLellan, and had several children ; Peter and she (Rebecca, I think, was her name), are both dead; don't know what has become of the children - suppose they are all grown. Crawford Lane, second son of James C, Sr., married a Miss Perritt, daughter of David Perritt, and settled down on the Maiden Down and Ten Mile Bays ; he raised a large family of sons and daughters ; the names of two sons only are known-Addison and James. Addison married a daughter of John M. Bryant, and has several sons, two of whom are married, and several daughters, some grown. James Lane, son of Crawford Lane, married a daughter of the late Samuel Campbell, and has a family, how many are not known. Stephen L. Lane, tihe youngest son of James C, Sr., married Miss Flora Campbell, a daughter of the late William S. Campbell ; he was killed in the last battle of the war, just before Johnston's surrender, after having gone through the whole war ; he left his widow. Flora, and several sons and daughters, none of them personally known to the writer ; one son is named William, and one daughter became the second wife of Merideth Watson, There are several other children. Another son of James C. Lane, Sr., was John O. Lane ; he married a Miss Sweat, daughter of old George Sweat ; they had and raised a family, none of them known to the writer -both are dead. Of the daughters of James C, Sr., Hapsey married the late James Porter ; they had and raised a large family of sons and daugliters, none of wlhom are known to the writer, except Robert P. Porter, in Marion; he married a Miss Johnson, and has a family of several children, none grown. The second daughter of old James C, St., Sarah Ann, married a Mr. Jones, who either died or left the country, leaving her one child, a daughter -what has become of the daughter is unknown ; Mrs. Jones is long since dead. The third daughter of James C. Lane, St., Orphea, married a Mr. Turbeville; they had and raised a family, and have grand-children, but none of them are known. The youngest daughter of James, Sr., Priscilla, married "Sandy" Norton, who was killed or died in the war ; they had and raised three sons, Woodberry, Houston and Holland Norton, who are now among us and good citizens- especially Houston Norton, of Latta ; there may have been daughters- if any, they are unknown to the writer.;

Melissa Laura Lane:


!CENSUS:1860 Marion Dist, SC Marion Twp # 781 Melissa LANE, 3 (1856/57) born SC;

!CENSUS:1870 Marion Co, SC Kerby's Twp # 187 Lara (f) LANE, 14 (1855/56) born SC;


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