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Husband: William Logan
Born: 1777 in Lincoln Co, NC
Married: 1798 in Lincoln Co, NC
Died: in Williamson Co, TN
Wife: Catrin Henderson
Born: 1774/1784 in Lincoln Co, NC
Died: in Williamson Co, TN
Father: James Henderson
Mother: Violet Lawson
Additional Information

Catrin Henderson:


!CENSUS:1790 Lincoln Co, NC pg 115 w/James HENDERSON no ages (bef 1790);

!NAMED: 9 Sep 1793 Lincoln Co, NC Wills James HENDERSON, probated Apr 1795. Names wife Violet HENDERSON, and son-in-law John PETERSON, grandson James Henderson PETERSON, and children: John HENDERSON, Lawson HENDERSON, Martha HENDERSON, Catrin HENDERSON, James HENDERSON, William HENDERSON and Logan HENDERSON. All residing in Lincoln County;

!CENSUS:1800 Lincoln NC pg 826 w/Violet HENDERSON age 16-25 (1774/84);


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