Turner Genealogy - Marion Co., SC


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Turner Genealogy - Marion Co., SC

Welcome to my Turner web pages.

My most recent Turner ancestor is my grandmother Gertrude Turner (1919-1973) who married Alva G. Campbell in Marion Co., SC. Gertrude is a daughter of Thomas Lide Turner (1883-1953) and Zadie Idell Watson. Thomas is a son of Daniel T. Turner (1846-1915) and Laura Virginia James. Daniel is a son of Daniel Turner (c1796-c1860s) and Martha Collins.

Daniel Turner's parents are not proven, but I think he is a grandson of John Turner and Patience Smith, but I don't know which of their children is his father. There were several Turner families in Marion and Dillon Counties and most of them appear to be related to one another. 


Turner DNA Project - Use DNA testing to break down your genealogical brick walls and find out which genetic branch of the family you are part of. Click link for details. I'm not involved in the project, but I highly recommend it.  The project needs Turners with Marion Co., SC roots.

Turner is the 44th most common surname in America. (Source: Name Statistics)