Marty & Karla Grant

Gun Control

This isn't specifically a Christian issue, but one that often comes up.

Those who are in favor of "gun control" are saying that I have no right to defend myself. They are saying that if an armed man breaks into my house and wants to murder my wife and me, then I just have to let it happen, because "guns are bad" and that the police can handle it. Well that is absurd. The police come after the fact, and with all due respect the them, they can't respond to every situation fast enough, or at all in some cases. How would they know for instance if armed men broke into my house? When would I get a chance to call them?

That is just stupid and incredibly short-sighted. If you don't like guns, fine, don't have them in your house. That is your right. But don't step on my right to defend myself.

I am not a member of the NRA (National Rifle Association), nor do I intend to join them, or endorse them, however, neither will I condemn them. I have weapons in my house, legally purchased and I know how to use them. However, I pray that I never have to use them against another human being, nor would I want to do so. However, I feel secure knowing that if some drug addict breaks into my house looking for money or mischief, then I'll be able to defend myself. Gun control advocates want me to give up this basic right. I can not understand why. I can not think of one good reason to give up my guns.

I would support "Gun Control" if there was some way that all guns would "magically" disappear from the earth. All Gun Control does is takes away the guns of law abiding citizens. You can bet loads of money on the fact that criminals will still have theirs.

People complain about crime in America, but it would be much worse if we weren't allowed to have guns, for then criminals would control pretty much everything and do whatever they pleased without fear (except from the police). Don't think for a second that the police can protect everyone, for they can not.

This is not exactly a scriptural issue, but we have an applicable example. Did not Peter have a sword with him, while Jesus was still on earth? (John 18:10-12). Jesus rebuked him for using it in Jesus' defense, but did not tell him to get rid of it. We know that the Lord was against violence, but he allowed Peter to carry this weapon, so I don't know what else to make from that, except that it supports my point. Most people carry weapons for self defense only, and I don't see the scriptures refuting this practice anywhere. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong!)

The scripture makes it clear that murder is wrong, and that he who lives by the sword, died by the sword. I agree with this. Jesus did say to "turn the other cheek" when struck. He didn't say allow yourselves to be killed though.