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Baker Genealogy - Western North Carolina

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Welcome to my Baker genealogy pages. I am interested in the Baker surname in western North Carolina, primarily in the counties of Rowan, Wilkes, Ashe, and Lincoln.  I have only limited interest in the Baker surname in other western North Carolina counties (see list below).

Baker Family Pages - Each Baker family has their own web page, complete with all documentation I've found so far.  The link will take you to the surname index. Find the "Baker" surname and click on it and an index of all individuals will be displayed. Or you can use the search engine (to the left) to find a specific family or person.

What's New - Recent updates.

My Ancestry (two distinct lines)

  1. Olly Baker (1760/65-1840s) and Aaron Cox. Olly and Aaron married in 1787 in Lincoln Co.,  NC. They lived there a number of years before moving to nearby Buncombe Co., NC, then later to Haywood where they were last found. I currently have no strong leads on who her parents were, nor any potential siblings.
  2. Capt. Jacob Baker (c1760/65-1830s) and unknown wife Jacob Baker isn't a proven ancestor of mine, but I *think* he's the father of Mary Margaret Baker (c1790) who is my proven ancestor. Jacob lived in Rowan, Wilkes and Ashe Co., NC and *possibly* in Cherokee Co., NC.
  3. Mary Margaret Baker (1790-1858) married Jacob Fouts (1786-1852) in Ashe Co., NC. They lived there several years before moving to Macon Co., NC where both died.
Reference Material and Links:

What's New?

5 May 2018 - Reformatted main Baker page.


Counties included. If a county isn't listed, I have not done any Baker research there. Clicking on the link will open a search window showing results for Baker + that county name. New updates may take a few days to appear in search results.

Ashe - thru 1850*
Cherokee - thru 1880*
Lincoln - thru 1850*
Macon - thru 1860
Rowan - thru 1810*
Wilkes - thru 1850*
* Asterisks mark my primary counties of interest.
Italics indicate I have not completed that section yet.