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Brown Genealogy - Randolph Co., NC

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Welcome to my Brown genealogy pages. I am interested in the Brown families primarily of central and western North Carolina.

Brown was the 4th most common surname in the United States in 2000 and the same in 2010.

My most recent Brown ancestor is my six times great grandmother, Mary Brown, born 1758. She married Edward Carter in 1781 in Randolph Co., NC. They lived in Randolph until sometime just before 1805 when they moved to Buncombe Co., NC where they remained until the 1830s then they moved to Rabun Co., GA where both died, she in 1833, he in 1838. Mary is a child of:

Joseph Brown, born ca 1730s (rough guess). Many older genealogies incorrectly list Mary Brown Carter as a child of Daniel Brown and Grace Thompson. They did have a daughter named Mary, but it wasn’t the same person. The reason for the mixup is that Edward Carter’s brother John Carter married Jane Brown, a proven child of Daniel and Grace. Apparently someone assumed Mary and Jane had to be sisters. They were not. It isn’t even certain if they were related, though I suspect they were. Joseph Brown is found in Randolph Co., NC records from the 1770s through 1816. He was married more than once, his first wife (Mary’s mother) isn’t yet known. His last wife was Rachel who survived him, still living in 1817.

Joseph Brown’s parents aren’t known yet. If, it turns out, he is a brother to Daniel Brown, then that would make him a son of Henry Brown of NJ and VA. However, I currently have no evidence that Daniel and Joseph are brothers. Daniel did name one of his sons Joseph, but that doesn’t prove anything. More research is needed.

Revised: February 4, 2023

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