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Cathey Genealogy - VA, NC, GA, TN

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Book: Cathey Census Records 1790-1850

Welcome to my Cathey genealogy pages. I am interested in the Cathey surname in various states, primarily in the 1700s and 1800s.

This name is alternately spelled Cathy. On older records it might also appear as Cathie, Carthy, Carthey, etc., though today it is usually only Cathey or Cathy.

My most recent Cathey ancestor is my three time Great Grandmother, Lavina Elizabeth Cathey, born 1844 in Union (now Towns) Co., GA. She married Carroll Moore Patterson in 1861, and, after the civil war, moved to what is now Swain Co., NC where both died, he in 1914, she in 1917. She is a proven child of:

William H. Cathey was born 1815 in Haywood Co., NC where he spent his youth. He, with his family, moved to northern Georgia in the 1830s where he married Nancy Matilda Carter in 1837 (Rabun Co., GA). They remained in Union and Towns Co., GA until the 1860s when they moved to what is now Swain Co., NC where they both died, he ca 1878, she in 1890. William H. Cathey is a proven child of:

William Cathey was born 1782 in Virginia, county unknown. His older and younger siblings were born in North Carolina, so it seems the family didn’t actually live in Virginia in 1782, perhaps were only visiting, or maybe it was a brief move. William grew up in what is now Haywood Co., NC going back to when the area was part of Burke County, then later Buncombe, then finally Haywood. William married Elizabeth Bryson ca 1808 in Haywood. They remained in Haywood until the 1830s when they moved to Union (now Towns) Co., GA where he died in the 1850s. Elizabeth moved to what is now Swain Co., NC in the 1860s and died there ca 1872. William Cathey is a proven child of:

William Cathey was born before 1755, either somewhere in Virginia, or perhaps in North Carolina. He married Rebecca — before ca 1774 either in Virginia or North Carolina. There is a William Cathey (Jr) who married a Rebecca Holeman in Shenandoah Co., VA before 1772. This fits on three levels: right names for groom and bride and right date. However, we can’t say with any certainty that this is the same William and Rebecca. It certainly could be. Another point in favor is that Rebecca’s father was named Daniel Holeman. Our William and Rebecca named one of their sons “Daniel H. Cathey.” Coincidence? Perhaps not. Regardless, our William was in western NC by ca 1778. They lived in Burke, Buncombe and Haywood Counties, probably without moving. William died in Haywood in 1812. Rebecca died after 1830 in Macon Co., NC. William Cathey is a proven child of:

George Cathey was born 1735, whereabouts unknown. His wife was supposedly named Ann Price, but I’ve seen no actual evidence of that. George Cathey, unfortunately for us, was one of several contemporaries with the same name who all lived in the same general area. It makes sorting them out quite difficult. There is no doubt they were all related, but it’s anyone’s guess as to exactly how. We do know that George lives in what was then Mecklenburg Co., NC for awhile, and also in eastern TN and Burke and Buncombe Co., NC. He was dead by 1823 (long before, probably) according to court records which named his children and grandchildren, which is a very helpful document.

George Cathey’s parents are unknown. As noted, there are several George Cathey’s born in the early or mid 1700s. Sorting them out is an ongoing process.

Revised: January 28, 2023

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