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Cox Genealogy - Western NC

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Welcome to my Cox genealogy pages. I am interested in the Cox surname in Western North Carolina.

Cox was the 72nd most common surname in the United States in 2000. By 2010 it had dropped to 78th.

My most recent Cox ancestor is my five times great grandmother, Sarah Cox, born ca 1794/1800 in Lincoln Co., NC. She married Joseph Miller (1790-1880) in Buncombe Co., NC ca 1810. They moved to Macon Co. NC in the late 1820s where she died ca 1835. They had 12 children. Sarah’s parents:

Aaron Cox was born 1757 in Monmouth Co., NJ. He came with his parents to Lincoln Co., NC by ca 1782. He married Olly Baker there in 1787. They were in Buncombe Co., NC by ca 1805. They lived there, and in neighboring Haywood Co., NC the remainder of their lives. Aaron died in the 1840s, and Olly in 1849. They had six probable children, not all proven. Aaron’s parents:

John Cox was born 1727 in Monmouth Co., NJ. He married Margaret Morris there ca 1750. They came to Lincoln Co., NC ca 1782 and remained there. She died in 1799. He married again in 1800 to Mary Carpenter. He died ca 1805. John and Margaret had 11 children, all born in NJ. I don’t think he and his second wife had any children. John’s parents:

Thomas Cox was born ca 1707 in Monmouth Co., NJ. He married a widow Salter, given name and maiden name unknown. She had five children by her first husband. She had three children with Thomas Cox. Thomas died before 22 Dec 1747. Mrs. Cox’s date of death is unknown. This family is somewhat proven via Thomas Salter, who was Thomas Cox’s step-son. He made a series of deeds to his siblings and step-sibling that prove much about the family. Thomas Cox’s parents and further back are not from my own research, but from the book “This Old Monmouth of Ours” by William Hornor, 1932, pp. 93-96. It does not include documentation, so I don’t know how accurate it is. I have been able to confirm much of it via early Monmouth Wills. Thomas Cox’s parents:

James Cox was born 1672 in Monmouth Co., NJ. He married Ann, and 2nd Rebecca Stillwell Salter (a widow). James and his first wife had ten children. He had none with his second wife. James’s parents:

Thomas Cox was born in the mid or early 1600s in Hertfordshire, England. He married Elizabeth Blashford 1665 in Long Island, NY. They soon moved to Middletown, NJ. They had six children. Thomas’s parents are unknown.

Revised: January 13, 2023

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