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Davis Genealogy - South Eastern North Carolina

Genealogy > Davis > South Eastern North Carolina

Welcome to my Davis genealogy pages. I am interested in the Davis surname in South Eastern North Carolina, primarily in the counties of Brunswick and Columbus. Since this is such a common surname I have not researched them in other nearby counties.

Davis Family Pages - Each Davis family has their own web page, complete with all documentation I've found so far.  The link will take you to the surname index. Find the "Davis" surname and click on it and an index of all individuals will be displayed. Or you can use the search engine (to the left) to find a specific family or person.

What's New - Recent updates.

My Ancestry:

  1. Cornelius "Neal" Davis (c1805-after 1882) and wife Tabitha Jones lived near the Delco community in what is now Columbus County, North Carolina. This area was part of Brunswick County for most of their lives. I have not been able to determine who Neal's parents were. When he was just 10 years old Neal was deeded land by one Jonah Keith. This suggests a familial relationship, but I don't know the nature of it yet.
  2. Mahala Davis (c1845-after 1880) never married as far as can be determined. She had one child out of wedlock, the father unknown, though it could be W. R. Skipper or William Smith, Jr, both of whom signed as bondsman for the bastardy bond.
  3. Mary Catherine Davis (1866-c1902) married William Henry Watson (1852-c1902) in 1882 in Columbus Co., NC.

What's New?

3 Mar 2014 - Discovered that I had accidentally deleted my Davis web pages (both online and original offline copies), so took this opportunity to update the look to my new standard style.

Counties included. If a county isn't listed, I have not done any Davis research there. Clicking on the link will open a search window showing results for Davis + that county name. New updates may take a few days to appear in search results.
Brunswick - thru 1880
Columbus - thru 1900