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Welcome to my Eastridge genealogy pages. I am interested in the Eastridge surname in North Carolina, particularly in the western counties. This surname was often alternately spelled as Estridge, Estes and even Estep from time to time.

In 2000, Eastridge was the 13,072nd most popular surname in the United States. That makes it somewhat uncommon. Estes, however, was the 707th most common in 2000.

My most recent Eastridge ancestor is my five times great grandmother, Frances “Fanny” Eastridge. She was born 1793 in North Carolina, possibly Wilkes County. She married Jeffrey Graham ca 1810 either in Wilkes, Ashe or Buncombe Co., NC. They lived in Buncombe Co., NC the remainder of their lives, both dying there in 1855.

I don’t know who Fanny’s parents are. She has a proven sister named Rebecca who married Fanny’s husband’s brother, Lewis Grimes (1789-1855), and lived near them in Buncombe Co., NC. I *suspect* that Micajah Eastridge (1780/90-aft 1840) is a relative as he was in Buncombe when they were, and in Ashe and Wilkes before that. He could be an uncle or older brother. I don’t think he’s their father.

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