Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Willard B Phillips
Born: 09 AUG 1915 in Sampson Co, NC
Married: before 1940 in Marion Co, SC
Died: 26 DEC 1981 in Nichols, Marion Co, SC
Father: Samuel B Phillips
Mother: Catherine D Sineath
Spouses: Sarah Frances Ford
Wife: Gertrude Turner
Born: 01 FEB 1919 in Mullins, Marion Co, SC
Died: 17 JUL 1973 in Marion, Marion Co, SC
Father: Thomas Lide Turner
Mother: Zadie Idell Watson
Spouses: Alva Gabriel Campbell


01 (F): Patricia Anne Phillips
Born: 03 JUL 1940 in Marion, Marion Co, SC
Died: 26 FEB 2011 in Marion, Marion Co, SC
Spouses: Willie Joe Skipper


Additional Information

Willard B Phillips:


!NOTES:I (Marty Grant) am not related to this person as far as I know.
* He is the ancestor of my aunt Pat Skipper;


!NOTE:Aunt Pat says she thinks he had a brother named Tom Phillips, I didn't find one of that name in the census or birth records;

!Birth records in Cumberland Co., NC show a Linda Kay Phillips born 7 Aug 1946 to Willard B. Phillips. Same man?

!CENSUS:1920 Cumberland Co., NC Black River (21 Jan 1920) p. 27B, # 178/186 Godwin and Falcon Road
Sam B. Phillips head 38 M NC-NC-NC Farmer
Katie wife 35 M SC-SC-SC None
Victoria dau 16 NC-NC-SC
Elbert C. son 14
Merle D. 9 dau
Perry D. son 6
Willard B. son 4 4/12
Edwin H. son 2 5/12
Mildred dau 4/12;

!CENSUS:1930 Sampson Co., NC Dismal p.91B, # 193/193
Samuel B. Phillips head 49 M 20 NC-NC-NC Farmer
Katie D. wife 46 M 17 SC-SC-SC
Perry D. son 16 NC-NC-SC Farm Laborer
Willard B. son 14 Farm Laborer
Edwin H. son 12
Mildred dau 10
Morris M. son 8
S. B. Jr. son 4 3/12;

!CENSUS:1940 Marion Co., SC Reaves, Nichols Town, Highway 76 # 24
W. David Holt, head M 33 M SC 1935 resided Hinson Bay, Horry Co., SC. Automobile Mechanic at Automobile service station.
Myrel wife 28 M NC
Billie son 9 SC
Doris dau 4
Willard Phillps bro-in-law 24 S NC, 1935-Fort Bragg, Cumberland Co., NC. Automobile Mechanic Helper at "";

!TOMBSTONE:Devotion Gardens Cemetery, Marion Co., SC:
(Shared stone)
Williard B. Phillips
M Sgt US Army
World War II
Aug 9 1915 T Dec 26 1981
Sarah F. Phillips
Wife and Mother
May 11 1915 Jun 13 1995;

Gertrude Turner:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's Grandmother. Twin to Gladys Turner. Gertrude was born 2nd.;


"A History of the Campbell Families of Marion and Dillon Counties, South Carolina", by Marvin A. Grant, Jr.
Available at:

!BIRTH: 1 Feb 1919 proven by Birth Certificate 7614.
Marion County, Reaves Township,
Gertrude TURNER, girl, Twin, Number in order of births: 2.
Are parents Married? Yes.
Born Feb 1, 1919
Father: T.L. TURNER, Mullins, SC, White, 35, Birthplace: Marion County, farmer.
Mother: Zadie WATSON, Mullins, SC, White, 23, born NC, Housewife. Number of children born, including present birth: 4, Number still living: 4.
Born 11:30am;

!CENSUS:1920 Marion Co., SC Reaves # 1798/191
Thomas L. Turner head 36 M SC-SC-SC Farmer
Zadie I. wife 21 M NC-NC-NC
Laura V. dau 4 6/12 SC-SC-NC
Robert L. son 2 11/12
Gladys dau 11/12
Gertrude dau 11/12;

!CENSUS:1930 Marion Co., SC Reeves pg 10B # 166/177
Thomas L. Turner, head, 46 M 31 SC/SC/SC Farmer
Zadie I. wf 34 M 18
Laura V. dau 15
Robert L. son 13
Gladis dau 11
Gertrude dau 11
Jona P. son 9
Harry son 6
Cary dau 6
Dorotha dau 3 2/12
Nealy son 3 2/12;

!CENSUS:1940 Marion Co., SC Reaves (34-19) # 122
Tom Turner head 56 M SC 1935-Same Place. Farmer
Zadie wife 44 M NC Farm Laborer
Robert son 23 S SC Farm Laborer
Gladys dau 20 Farm Laborer
Harry son 16 Farm Laborer
Carrie dau 16
Neily son 13
Dorothy dau 13
May dau 9
Odessa Lee dau 6
Helen Joyce dau 3
Gertrude Phillips dau 20 M
Palmer Turner son 18 M Farm Laborer
Arleen dau-L 17 M;

!MARRIAGE: 6 Nov 1948 Marion Co., SC Marriage Register (Court House)
Alva Campbell & Gertrude Turner;

!DEATH:17 Jul 1973 proven by Death Certificate # 73-014923 Gertrude TURNER Campbell, female, died July 17, 1973. White, 54, Born: Feb 1, 1919. Place of Death: Marion County, Marion, Palmetto General Hospital. Birthplace: SC, USA. Married, Surviving Spouse: Alva G. CAMPBELL. SSN: 248-32-7401. Housewife. Residence: SC, Marion County, Marion, 412 McEachern Hgts. Father: Thomas Lide TURNER. Mother: Zaddie Idell WATSON. Informant: Alva G. CAMPBELL, 412 McEachern Hgts, Marion SC 29571. Cause: Fever of undetermined etiology. Died: 930pm;

!TOMBSTONE:Marion Co, SC Devotion Gardens Cemetery, "Alva Bagriel Campbell 1916 - 1980, Cpl US Army, WW II : Gertrude T. Campbell 1 Feb 1919 - 17 Jul 1973";

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