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Husband: William Manning Tabor
Born: AUG 1865 in Buncombe Co, NC
Married: before 1889 in Swain Co, NC
Died: 13 DEC 1929 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co, NC
Father: William Harrison Tabor
Mother: Rosanna Graham
Spouses: Lillie Teresia Bryson
Wife: Ellen McHan
01 (F): Mary Catherine Tabor
Born: 11 JUN 1889 in Swain Co, NC
Died: 08 APR 1963 in Franklin, Macon Co, NC
Spouses: John Allen
02 (M): Grover Cleveland Tabor
Born: 29 JUL 1891 in Swain Co, NC
03 (F): Pallie Tabor
Born: 27 JUN 1896 in Swain Co, NC
Died: 23 DEC 1963 in Cherokee Co, NC
Spouses: Fred Palmer
Additional Information

William Manning Tabor:


!NOTE:Is a grandson of Rosanna, but I don't know who his parents were;

!CENSUS:1870 Buncombe Co, NC Bent Creek * William TABOR, 1, Mul, living with another family, but near rest of Grahams/Tabors;

!CENSUS:1880 Haywood Co, NC Fines Creek pg 205B
Thomas J. TABOR Self M S MU 24 NC/NC/NC
W. Manning TABOR Nephew M S W 11 NC/NC/NC
L. Belle TABOR Niece F S W 8 ---/--/--;


!PETITION:1907 Buncombe Co, NC Loose Estate Papers: Albert GRAHAM.
1/7 of 1/2 to Tom TABOR, Ham TABOR, Fletcher TABOR, W.M. TABOR, J.T. TABOR, Isabella TABOR entitled to 1/7 (of 1/2) as children and grand children of Rosanna TABOR;

!NOTE:These delayed births may be for this William Tabor:
Swain Co, NC Delayed Births

Book 9 page 292 Mary Catherine Tabor, b Jun 11 1889, white, b Swain, F: William Tabor, M: Ellen McHan.

Book 6 page 187 Grover Cleveland Tabor, b Jul 29 1891, White, b Bryson City, F: William M. TABOR, M: Ellen McHan;

Ellen McHan:


!NOTES:Maiden name McHan per D/C of daughter Mary;

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