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Husband: William Manning Tabor
Born: AUG 1865 in Buncombe Co, NC
Married: 12 MAR 1909
Died: 13 DEC 1929 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co, NC
Father: William Harrison Tabor
Mother: Rosanna Graham
Spouses: Ellen McHan
Wife: Lillie Teresia Bryson
Born: 10 FEB 1880 in Cherokee Co, NC
Died: 13 DEC 1929 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co, NC
Father: Joseph H Bryson
Mother: Nancy C Cruse
Spouses: Walter R Ledford
Additional Information

William Manning Tabor:


!NOTE:Is a grandson of Rosanna, but I don't know who his parents were;

!CENSUS:1870 Buncombe Co, NC Bent Creek * William TABOR, 1, Mul, living with another family, but near rest of Grahams/Tabors;

!CENSUS:1880 Haywood Co, NC Fines Creek pg 205B
Thomas J. TABOR Self M S MU 24 NC/NC/NC
W. Manning TABOR Nephew M S W 11 NC/NC/NC
L. Belle TABOR Niece F S W 8 ---/--/--;


!PETITION:1907 Buncombe Co, NC Loose Estate Papers: Albert GRAHAM.
1/7 of 1/2 to Tom TABOR, Ham TABOR, Fletcher TABOR, W.M. TABOR, J.T. TABOR, Isabella TABOR entitled to 1/7 (of 1/2) as children and grand children of Rosanna TABOR;

!NOTE:These delayed births may be for this William Tabor:
Swain Co, NC Delayed Births

Book 9 page 292 Mary Catherine Tabor, b Jun 11 1889, white, b Swain, F: William Tabor, M: Ellen McHan.

Book 6 page 187 Grover Cleveland Tabor, b Jul 29 1891, White, b Bryson City, F: William M. TABOR, M: Ellen McHan;

Lillie Teresia Bryson:


!CENSUS:1880 Macon Co., NC Nantahala # 143/145
Joseph Brison 33 M Farmer NC-NC-NC
Nancy 37 wife Keeping house NC-TN-NC
Emily 17 dau helps mother NC-NC-NC
James 15 son works on farm TN-NC-NC
Roslee 13 dau
Alcedona 11 dau NC-NC-NC
William 9 son
Ada 7 dau
Benton 6 son
Winfrey 5 son
Joseph 2 son
Lilia 4/12 Feb. dau;

!CENSUS:1900 Cherokee Co., NC Valleytown # 236/236
Joseph H. Bryson head Jul 1840 59 M 39 NC-NC-NC
Nancy C. wife Nov 1842 57 M 39 14-13
Allie dau Nov 1874 25 S
Addie dau Oct 1876 23
Wint K. son Jun 1878 21
Jodie M. son Apr 1880 20
Lillie dau Oct 1882 17
Clementine dau May 1884 16
Nora dau May 1886 14
James Teage border Mar 1874 26 S GA-GA-GA Day Laborer;

!MARRIAGE:14 Nov 1903 Cherokee Co, NC Walter LEDFORD and Lillie BRYSON;


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