Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Colonel John Lear
Died: 1695 in Nansemond Co, VA
Spouses: Ann; Rebecca Yeo; LIVING
01 (F): Martha Lear
Born: 1668 in Isle of Wight Co, VA
Died: 1704 in Isle of Wight Co, VA
Spouses: William Cole; Lewis Burwell
02 (M): Thomas Lear
Died: before 05 NOV 1695 in Nansemond Co, VA
Spouses: Elizabeth Bridger
Additional Information

Colonel John Lear:


!REFERENCE:George Family History. Descendants of Col. John George (1603-1679) of England and Virginia (Two Vols.), by Marvin A. Grant, Jr. © 2006

!BURGESS:John LEAR was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses from Nansemond County for the years 1666 through 1676;

!DEED: 9 Jun 1681 Isle of Wight Co, VA Wills & Deeds Book 1. John LEAR of Nansemond County and Ann his wife, sell to Thomas PITT for 260, all land that Colonel John GEORGE by his Will gave to his then wife, the above mentioned Ann. South side Castle Creek and Quarter Spring, now occupied by Col. James POWELL. Wit: Thomas WARDROPE;

!DEED: 9 Oct 1693 Isle of Wight Co, VA Deed Book 1. John LEAR empowers William EDWARDS, gent to sue Humphrey MARSHALL ... Wit: Charles GORIGE, John GEORGE;

!NOTE:This from Janice Worley:
I hope that your medical condition has improved and I do not expect an anser from you. I want to say that Ann (...) George did not marry John Lear of Nansemond County, Virginia. John Lear's wife was Anna Willix
Ann, (whatever her maiden name was), was John's 2nd wife. Some time between John George's death (early 1679) and Jun 1681, Ann married John Lear of Nansemond Co, VA.
My documentation as follows:
The deposition of Francis Jones aged 57 or thereabouts, Testifieth & sayeth that he very well know Haselphena Willix, Annah Willix and Susannah Willex all three the reputed Daughters of Belshazer Willix sometime of Exeter in New England and Annah his wife of whom the afore mentioned three sisters were borne & owned to be the children of sd Belshaser & Annah his wife. The Deponent farther Testifeth that he very well knew Robt Rosco who married Anna Willix one of the three sisters above named, she afterward went to Roan Oke, or North Carolina, and as I the sd Deponent understood sd Roscoe there died sd Annah became wife to one Blunt & after his decease to one Southwell and last of all the wife of one Collo Leare in Virginia & farther sayth not the mark of X Francis Jones
This was sworn to before Nathll Fryer, Esq., President of the Province, 15 April, 1696; acknowledged before Wm. Redford, 18 April, 1696; entered and recorded Nov. 11, 1696. "
“Whearas Hon. Seth Southell, Esqr. and James Blunt, both of North Carolinah, did by their Last Wills give and bequeath unto Anna: first wife of said Blunt and afterwards the wie of said Southwell and her heirs, afterwards wife of Col. John Lere of Vergenea and so Died. Whose Sisters and Brother-in-law, Hazelpony Wood of Ipswich in the Province of Massachusetts in New England, and Francis Jownes and Suzana his wife of Portsmo. in the Province of New Hampshire, said Hazelpony and Suzannah own sisters both by father and mother's side to the above said Anna and so right heirs, in consideration of £250 sell unto our kinsman Thomas Pickeringe of Portsmo. formerly our attorney, all the estate given to our sister Anna Lere by said Blunt and Southell in North Carolina.' Dated 4 June 1697. Witnesses: James Allen, John Pickeringe. Recorded 6 Sept. 1709.[i]

[i] New Hampshire Province Deeds, Volume 7, p. 344; Balthazar Willix" by Frank W. Hackett from "The New England Historical and Genealogical Register" (1896, vol. 50, pp. 46-48)
Thank You,
Janice Worley

!NOTE:Will 21 Nov 1695 Nansemond Co., VA proven 12 Dec 1695. Filed in VA and also in NC in From Transcripts of Provincial North Carolina Wills 1663-1729/30 Vol L-Z, John A. Brayton (Wilson Library, UNC, Chapel Hill, NC)

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